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Is there a way to setup a pizza label. It is when each individual item gets printed on a separate stick on label to stick on pizzs boxes.

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Can you please respond to this post as soon as you can. I need an answer pretty soon please.


I think I should explain this a bit more:

Lets say a customer orders 5 different pizzas in the same order, your kitchen receipt printer will print the order all in one receipt. But is there a way to print to a label printer so it prints 5x labels each label will have the details of that pizza? Please see below. Note it prints [1-1] under the total indicating this is item 1 of 1. So in my example it will be [1-5], [2-5], [3-5], [4-5], [5-5]

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I would like, to know this same subject.

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Create a new Printer Template for the Label. Create a new Print Job, but for Printing Content select Separated Prints By Quantity, this will print a label for each item.
You can use {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} to help with the [1-X] labeling.

This may also help a little ->

@compwize did you ever get this label sorted?
would be intrigued to see your template if you did.
most interesting in if you managed to get tag/ingredient list to arrange horizontally and if you worked out x of x working on separate tickets, it looks like im always getting 1 of 1 as only ever one order per ticket printed.

Well it for sure needs {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} but we need another tag for this to work and I am not sure that tag exists atm. We could maybe create an elaborate updating increasing number generator by using a program setting but I am not sure how to make it tick up and then reset simply based of a print job splitting prints by order. I dont think that is possible. So im left with the fact that this may just not be possible unless we can get a tag that counted Orders.

@kendash I have tried {TICKET QUANTITY SUM} but like I said I always to get 1 which made me think that by ticket it is referring to printed ticket and being that print job is set to seperate by order qty its only ever printing one order line per printed ticket.
Could live without the x of but would be nice to have the 'total items qty in that order to ensure all is there.

Do you know of a way to get the order tags list to be in a line list rather then virtical new line per tag?

Wait for V5. We’ll have more formatting options.

btw there is an alternative approach here. How to print {ORDER TAGS} independently from {ORDERS}? - #34 by aznwonderboy

If your device supports ZPL it supports new line command to solve the line break issue mentioned on that post.

I dont think it does support ZPL but will have a go.
Thanks for the link, did read that post but not too deeply as talking about ZPL.
Its not the end of the world, will wait for V5.
Do you have a rough eta for release yet? Am looking forward to seeing the new features you have implimented and having a play.
Will there be any increase in system requirements?

I would like to mention a quick suggestion which I dont think you be to bigger issue to implement. I know you replied to one of my other posts when I was having difficulties with my MSR but what about an option of enabling other ‘enter’ functions? the till system at a pub i do a few evenings at does not look for the <CR> but instead listens for the ? on the end of the track if not disabled.
I came to the conclusion with the MSRs I bought that they do not offer the correct return feature for samba login however the ability to enable look for the closing suffix would overcome this issue from use of incompatible MSR.

Another thing which probably wouldn’t be a big job but some people might prefer to use would be the option to set user buttons on login screen without a pin/code. I know it would be less secure and I wouldnt personally, but a friends pub who uses samba now after my recommendation when upgrading till system only has few staff, mostly family and having given up using MSRs have opted to set only 4 digit pin to login and since security isnt a big consern for there very small village pub, I know they would much prefer to speed things up with one button login.
As i said its not what I would do but maybe if not a big job you could look for a future update maybe?

As far as the user thing without pin… in v5 I think you might find a better solution with Entities instead of Users. For example my system uses Employee Entities and only uses User’s for initial system start. It will be hard for you to understand until you see the navigation changes with v5 but I think it would be perfect for what you described.

I am the original poster in the thread “How to print Order Tags independently from Orders?”.

Because the EPL coding language for my label printer (Zebra LP 2824) is limiting, there is NO way to get order tags to be in a line and automatically break to new line (word wrap).

My solution was to get a new label printer ((Zebra LP 2824 Plus) that uses ZPL coding language. It worked! You can see that thread to see how I coded.

{TICKET QUANTITY SUM} does not seem to work if I want to print [1 of 3] [2 of 3][3 of 3] for the labels.

As far as I can tell there is not a way to do 1of numbers. We could design one but problem is what event would trigger the update. There is not a way to capture the event of separating orders via print job.

@emre this would be a very useful feature for situations like what is demonstrated above, printing labels and separating orders per label. If there is other tags that we are not aware of could you let us know? I tested every documented tag that I could.

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Thank you very much for your valuable feedback @aznwonderboy. I’m glad you solved it. Now I’m motivated to think a solution for [1 of 3] need … I hope to deliver something for it on next version.


Thought I would share this. @aznwonderboy @JTRTech

V5 will have the following: {ORDER INDEX} and {INDEX TOTAL} tags implemented to print 1/5 … 4/5, 5/x counters next to orders (labels)


Could I see your code for that printer template you show there please. I just bought a zebra printer and would like to set it up the same.

I could be wrong but that looks like it might be a mockup example. There is another thread showing a great template though let me see if I can find it for you.

Thank you, your always there for help. @kendash

What I have in mind for this is to print meat sales information with barcode so it can be scanned at front register. I got the zebra lp 2824 plus that supports both zpl and epl.

I set it up as a html printer, is that correct? Its printing the barcodes fine.

Try something like this:


<span style="font-size:10px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'">

<L00>Ticket #{TICKET NO}                                       Item #: {ORDER INDEX} of {INDEX TOTAL}

<L00>Customer:{ENTITY NAME:Customers}





-- Normal Order Format

<span style="font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-family:'Tahoma'">



<span style="font-size:8px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'">Contains: </span>{ORDER TAGS}


-- Gift Order Format

<span style="font-size:12px;text-align:center;font-family:'Tahoma'">



<span style="font-size:8px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'">Contains: </span>{ORDER TAGS}


-- Format for order tags

<span style="font-size:8px;text-align:left;font-family:'Tahoma'">{ORDER TAG NAME} </span>


-- Nothing will print for void lines

NOTE: {ORDER INDEX} and {INDEX TOTAL} will not work this will be v5 only I inserted for reference only.

Thanks for the info @kendash, is there an eta on V5 yet?
Am looking forward to having a play with new features.