Printer/Cash Drawer issue

Hi all,

I have a Star mPop printer and cash drawer all in one solution.

It printer doesnt trigger the cash drawer using the standard code.

I’ve contacted star and they sent me these 2 emails. Can anyone help me send a command to the printer as a binary data and not a string?

What is your printer set up as in the Printer Type in Printers?

I cant make out whe it definses n1 and n2 as.
based on above with pos printer type setup correctly command would be

If it just responds to hex 07, put this at the end of your ticket template and see if the draw opens when you print a bill:


The screenshot shows command

ESC BELL n1 n2

Decimals for above is

21 , 7 , n1 , n2

The n1 and n2 would represent variables to set variables, think it mentions speaker in the text so if its like the buzzer on some printers the 2 numbers on end likely relate to eihter, pitch/tone or length or maybe number of bleeps/speed. My buzzer has 2 values which are number of bleeps and time ie, 10,2 would be 10 fast bleeps and 3,9 would be 3 longer slower bleeps.

Maybe this will help?

This is how the printer is set up:

I have tried

Every time, it prints a litte section with just the codes above.

An in regards to this, theres only a button on the underside which forces the cash drawer to open manually.

This is the settings page from the printer

THe codes you have tried, did you enter just the text or do you have the prefix?

I put the prefix ofcourse, I added it to the post too but it doesn’t show for some reason

I see the following kick commands in common when looking at star micronics printers:


Found this: (starting at page 40 of PDF, not written page number)

From what I gather, try these:



Xct codes wont work in html mode.
If you need html template you need to duplicate printer in samba, set duplicate to pos and have you xct command in seperate template/job and add job as seccond action in your flow.

That’s already been done. still same issue persists. even with the above codes

Code changes wont help if using html mode.
Need to use pos mode for xct commands.

This is much easier to read for me then actually go ahead and do

I gave instruction above and is in several topics of forum.
If you want html template you will need seperate template on duplicate printer with print job, action to send xct commands.
Look arround on forum, you will find it covered as has come up several times.

Omg, Its finally working after so long. Thank you for your help. I duplicated the printer, set it to pos mode, then created a new print job, and a template. For anyone that wants to know, the code for this is