Printing orders to different bars depending on till location


I know there is a very good printing tutorial and I have used it to sort everything I need out.

However I just have one issue. I have 2 Bars and 2 tills.

Till 1 is in Bar 1 and Till 2 is in Bar 2. When I set the orders to print the drinks, I can only manage to set drinks to one of the printers.

Hence if I set in the server bar orders to print to Till 1, I cannot set till 2 to print Bar orders to Till 2, hence all bar orders go to Till 1.

How do I got about getting this done?

Can you clarify that a bit?
You just have two static/hard wired tills?
How are the printers connected, to the tills or are then networked?

What are you wanting to achieve exactly?
Dinks rang in on Till 1 --> Drinks Order printed at Bar 1?
Could you not just set the Drinks Order print job to use your ticket/receipt printer - same as print bill/receipts go to?

sorry, Everythign runs off a network and all printers and terminals have static IP addresses.

I essntially have 2 sections to my restarant.
Section 1, Just a Bar
Section 2, Restaurant and Bar

Hence I would like the bar orders for each section to be printed at their respective bars.

Both sections share a kitchen so this is not an issue to set up, its mainly the bars.

And the bar orders are to come out of same printer as the receipts? or have you not done receipts yet?

I have done the receipts already, and yes the bar orders are to come out of the receipts printer

And the receipts print as expected, Till 1 ==> Printer 1, Till 2 ==> Printer 2?

have you got your bar order print template, Job and action setup yet?

Receipts print as expected yes.

I was using the kitchen order temple for the bar orders (i thought that just determined the layout of the ticket so it was the same)


  • Configure separate terminals for Till 1 & Till 2. Assign them through local settings. We’ll differ tills by terminal settings. See a sample here Tracking 2 Till Cash and Shifts
  • Create two print jobs like Print Orders to Till 1 & Print Orders to Till 2.
  • Configure Product <> Printer mappings for both print jobs.
  • Create two Execute Print Job actions for each till.
  • Create two Rules for each till and through rule mapping map rules to corresponding terminals.
  • Add both rules to Ticket Closing Event.

As you map rules to terminals only one of these rules will work. So when you receive orders on Till 1Print Orders to Till 1 print job will work.

Great OK so all you’ll need to do is use the ‘Ticket Printer’ or whatever you have called it.

Nice, did the same first time round myself :smile:

OK what you want to do is clone the Kitchen Print Job, change the mappings to the correct product groups and the printer to your receipt/ticket printer.

Clone the execute kitchen print job action and set it to use the drinks order print job.

Add the above action where needed which would depend on how much customization you have done (and am not at home PC atm) but the default kitchen print job action is on ticket closing if memory serves. Just add this new action in next to the kitchen job action.

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There is no need for the extra complication,
As the ‘Receipt Printer’ listing on each till is set to the nearest printer he can just map the print job to receipt printer :slight_smile:

I don’t think he prints receipts on bar. That’s why he said receipts prints fine.

That’s what I’m thinking.

We have two tills.

Two printers.

Two print jobs.

Each print job mapped to printers.

Created an action for each print job.

We have separate rules for each tills.

All Ticket Closing Rules mapped to specific terminals.

All rules executes related print jobs.

So all bar tills will send beverages to nearest connected printer and food to kitchen printer.

Sorry if I’ve misunderstood question.


That’s how I understood it, but may have misunderstood.
Understand exactly what your suggesting and obviously it will work but as its Till1 -> Printer 1 and Till 2 -> Printer 2 it should be easier than that regardless of them being networked printers.

As Samba does not look for a specific printer/port it just refers to the Printer Name to which is has been assigned within windows.
Ideally it makes life allot easier if you can install your printers in windows with the same name to work with samba… not sure than makes sence.
Say your printers are at IP Bar Printer 1= and Bar Printer 2 =
Till 1 - Install Receipt Printer 1 ( and call Receipt Printer
Till 2 - Install Receipt Printer 2 ( and call Receipt Printer
If called the same name on both Samba will just look for ‘Receipt Printer’ on that machine, it wouldn’t search the network for etc.

In the same way that normal receipt printer should be given the same name on all terminals as the printer setting is system wide for all terminals.

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Ahhh OK got your point. So we offered two different options. He can consider which one applies best.


okay, now I have another issue,

whenever I close the ticket, even if an item has already been submitted it get re printed to the kitchen and bar.

Also, on the print bill the orders get printed again and not the receipt…maybe its worth me just resetting all the print jobs are starting again?

At a guess without seeing some screenshots would imagine you have removed the state constraint on the print job action.

Yes you are right, I had forgotten to put that

okay, I need a little bit more help, managed to get the orders to print how I wanted, but in the process have managed to screw up the print bills buttons some how. going to try and include screen shots.

First thing I notice is you have wrong action in your print bill till 1 rule. You have the default print bill action but your screenshots clearly show you made one specific for till 1

Thank you for that, all is working perfectly now

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