Promo Option in Samba

i am using Samba5 for Retail. I Have a question.
1 Coke Price is = $1.00
2 Coke Price is = $1.50
and 3rd one price is $3.00
and the 4th coke = $4.00

do you have any idea how should i handle this ?


Good question we have had several discussions in the past on this very subject. Let me dig up some links for you to look at.

This discussion might give you some ideas to try. It does not directly answer your question but it could get you going in the right direction: It is long so be sure to read through most of it. I know I tried several ideas specifically in it.

PS: I changed your topic to a v5 question category our Issue category is for issue’s or bugs aka things that are definitely broken in sambapos. Configuration questions and various other questions can be put under V5 Question category.


i want to update the discount the Quantity = 2

but when the quantity = 4 the promo discount again apply and total price should be $3.00


Thank You.

You’ll need to be more creative with the setting of the discount.
Something like
( {TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Pepsi} / 2 ) * 0.5

Just put more “Promo Discount” actions in the Rule and constrain them individually.

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Fair shout :slight_smile:

Action one
Constraint: TN(’{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Pepsi}’) == 2
Promo 0.5

Action two
Constraint: TN(’{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Pepsi}’) == 4
Promo 1

Action three
Constraint: TN(’{TICKET QUANTITY SUM:Pepsi}’) == 6
Promo 1.5

Not sure if TN is needed nor not but should do the job

Working Perfect

But again i have one more question :slight_smile:
i have more 20 products with promo what should i do now ?

is there any plausibility {TICKET QUANTITY SUM:MENU ITEM NAME} ?
i just don’t want to mention product name ?

Thanks in Advance

What are the price/promo discount values? the same?

Changing to {TICKET QUANTITY SUM:[:MenuItemName]} would count the number of orders of the same product.

Yap some product have same discount values

Are they to be mixed and matched?
The above would only be for individual products, 1 pepsi and 1 coke would not discount.

Yes not working well only apply at one Product

Just another tip, it looks like you cloned your Promo Discount action to add it again in your rule

Instead when adding an action right click to select display all and the action that is already in the rule will appear again so you can add it again. It will save you making multiples of the same action


Show the Promo Calculation configuration.

Thanks for the Tip @RickH


Hello, I would like to revive this topic because I want to be able to implement the following: When x pepsi and x coca cola are ordered and the sum of both is 6. I would like to turn it into a promotion with x price. It’s possible?
Thanks for your help. I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Yes have a read here

You need to use the adjust order prices action and build your automation

I sell cocktails £6 each or 2 for £10 so when qualifying products are added to the ticket the discount is automatically applied

So you’ll want 6 for the price of x.xx with just your 2 qualifying products and split the discount across all so when any combination of 6 are entered the discount is automatically applied

Maybe I’m wrong about this but I must count the sold items sum of 6 and then convert it into a combo. I may be ordered first 3 then 2.
But still thank you very much for the answer.

This post might be of some help: