Question about Order Tag prefixing

I made the Prefixes buttons and its great,There is only one issue
Why must click on Prefixe Button before selecting Order Tag???
Is there a way to tap Order Tag Without entering the Prefixe Button When not needed???

I intentionally disabled it because I thought it will be open to mistakes. In which case you need to use both prefixes and the tag itself?

hi emre
Thank you so much for your attitude
I use Ordr Tags for pizza Toppings. for example when I make pizza half olive half mushroom the Order Tag prefixing is great but when I do not have halves I just want to press olives and mushrooms
Without the need to click on the Order Tag prefixing.
Is it possible to add the possibility for those who are interested???

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Another example to illustrate the problem
I cant press 2 order tags after pressing Order Tag prefixing
i have order tag prefixing Button named “half pizza” and i want to press it and then press olives and mushrooms Together but i can only Choose 1 order tag.
Is it possible to add the option to select multiple Ordr Tags after pressing Order Tag prefixing???

There must be a better way to do it. Using same button group for both single and left-right half pizzas makes it crazy hard to operate.

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Do you have a creative idea how to solve this problem??

Did you meant something like that?

Yes it’s perfect
Order Tag prefixing Button Stays on until I press it again or I click another
Also the possibility to choose Ordr Tag without selecting Order Tag prefixing
Is there a way for me to do this or to wait the next release?

Yes it will be available on next release but I’m still open to different ideas for better handling different cases.

Thank you very much for The warm attitude and amazing software

@emre i saw that video and i couldnt figure out why 4.1.18 that i downloaded wouldnt let me choose order tags without selecting a prefix. for example just like you did in the video (i realize the feature with selecting and having the prefix selected feature is the main point you are trying to portray in the video.) but 50% of the time i dont need a prefix.
anyway let me know how i can achieve that thnx.

also you were saying if theres a better way to implement that constant prefix feature. i was thinking if you made it that you double tap to keep it on rather that single tap which may be more convenient for people.

@mxood it will work as on the video on next release. I’m still fine tuning it as new feedbacks comes.

Disallowing non prefix selection was just an idea to solve a multi cultural issue. In some languages (for example ours) prefixes spelled as suffixes so people naturally select a tag first and than prefix. I just wanted to prevent that. I’m still thinking about making it optional or not but of course I also don’t like too many options since it seems confusing to new users.

Double tap seems like a good idea and it permits both usages however double tapping is a bad practice on touch screens. I never used that before other than the shift lock on screen keyboard.

If more feedbacks comes I think we can find the best solution.

I’ve implemented double tap feature. What do you think about that?

yea this seems really nice. and yes we should wait for others see what they suggest to make it best for everyone not a single person. i totally understand that point of view. for me anything that has this feature or something like this is fine.

i am also waiting what john thinks of this. his genius would probably have a good solution.

This whole half half pizza problem has been going on for 3 years now :smiley:

I do like the double tap, as it gives the best of both options.

And let’s face it, this situation does not have a simple solution at all.

I still think having 2 products (1 for each half) is a better solution from my perspective, but hey I don’t own a pizza shop so I only look at this from a practical view to achieve a clear and simple order.

My question is how do you select ‘no onion’ for the right half ? I think we should be using Order Tag groups for ingredients.

Yes I was thinking the same while saying “hard to manage”. Later I thought we can have Left No, Right No prefixes if it is a frequent case and also we can enable free tagging to handle extreme requests such as “Less onion on left side”.

I do not like the ultimate solution!
one thing is to be accustomed to the system, if you take a new employee,
for him it will be easier and will make fewer mistakes if you first choose the area code and then the product.
not to mention that in a crowded evening you have to do everything mechanically and not going to read what you write.
I like it better as it is currently.

I tell my:
you could do the prefixes that function as groups of modifier
and check the modifier that provides prefix.
the prefix in turn will have an 'indication on how to change the price.
more than 100%, without 0%, double 200%, and so on.
depending on how many times you press the modifier if you choose the area code and change the price according to the percentage of the price indicated dalo modifier.
margherita 3 €
more salami 1euro (100%)
without salami 0 EUR (0%)
double salami € 2 (200%)
little salami 0,5 € (50%)
and just my opinion …

in this way:

  • Simplifies the insertion of products and their prices
  • If they create fewer buttons and you will have more space when many modifiers
  • People used to v2 and v3 will not have many changes and it will be easier to pass

This is definitely a step in the right direction.
I think it’s time to play and see what people can come up with for their solutions.