Remove "Staff" entity when table selected

I created an action

And a rule

But it don’t work.

What I’m trying to do is remove the Staff entity from the tickets when a table is selected and the ticket has been closed (not complete).

The reason for this is because, I am using a switch user function, and yesterday a client had a lady that had opened 2 tabs on her table due to the fact the table was added after the products. When the owner went to merge the tickets it wouldn’t allow him to because 2 different employee entities had opened the two tickets.

If I could remove the entities when a table has been selected and the ticket has been closed then this would solve this problem

What am I doing wrong please?


I have also followed this:

How to remove Entity from ticket

@RickH did you ever manage to solve this? It seems our setups are almost similar


Your action is doing nothing becauae you put nothing in the parameters.

I wanted it to delete it, so its blank?

Edit: Just to add ive changed it:

How does it know that means you want it to delete it. All it knows is you set the type. Besides updating entity data will not add or remove entities. You need change ticket entity. You must use a parameter. If you leave the action blank it does not know what to do.

ok, makes sense… are you able to help me finish this off please? I’m unsure about constraints…


Edit: I changed the parameter to change entity to “Table Selected”… but we still have nothing…

I didnt mention constraints. Not sure why you would constrain anything. Just set a parameter in the action for Entity Name as [:Entity Name]

In the rule leave that parameter blank.

You may ask whats the difference…

When you leave a parameter in an action blank it ignores that completely. If you set a parameter in the action but leave it blank in the rule it will clear that parameter.

Yeah sorry, ive been up since pre sunrise.

Ok SO I have this, but still nothing. Ive also removed action from rule and saved and re-added.


Just realised you edited as I was typing, so let me go through what you have said

OK, so I want to remove the Staff entity, so I guess I need to change what you put from Tables to Staff?

Yes I thought that was understood sorry. I don’t have staff entity type on a default install so I used Tables as an example.

ok thanks, ill give it a whirl.

I take it you haven’t actually given me the whole answer above… as you want me to learn :slight_smile:
I’m good with that, ill be pro soon I’m sure lol

So why are you using Entity Updated event to try and remove an entity?

Not really. Its more of the fact that you havnt really told me what your trying to do. You have asked a specific question about a specific feature but not explained how you plan to use it. You kind of have but if you want a specific answer you need to be very specific with your flow etc.

I thought it was the correct option to put.

If a table entity is selected the staff one will be removed.

Is this not correct?


Ok so when a table entity is added to the ticket you want staff entity removed?

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I am rubbish at explaining, but I thought this was good?? :frowning:


Exactly that! Because they are unable to merge tickets on a table as many staff open the tickets


Ok I just read your question in more detail. It sounds to me like all you need is to remove the Employee entities before the merge. So we should look at automation that will perform that then merge the tickets.

My question is… how does each employee get proper credit?

Each employee is assigned to a Staff Entity when they open a ticket and add a product. this is so when they log out and log back in, their ticket can be reloaded. Its used for the Switch User function.

Each employee is a User and an Entity so removing the entity wont affect their sales.

If they select a table the staff entity is no longer needed as they will now be assigned a table and can be found using the select table button.