Reopen Closed Ticket issue

Dear @emre, I am trying to use this new action Reopen Closed Ticket.

I created an action, Reopen Closed Ticket. Then I added an automation command and mapped it in ticket, since i tried to map it into the ticket list, but did not appear.
then i created a rule, as the screen shows.

I found some things

  1. if the ticket is closed the button appears grayed and cannot use ti.
  2. if the ticket is open, the button is usable but does nothing :wink:
  3. I tried to use it in the ticket list, but it does not appear… what am i doing wrong?

THANKS!!! sorry to bother you so much!!!

Go to button mappings and clear star (*) character from Enabled States column.


  1. if the ticket is closed the button appears grayed and cannot use ti.
  2. if the ticket is open, the button is usable but does nothing
  3. I tried to use it in the ticket list, but it does not appear… what am i doing wrong?

Thanks again!!

What do you expect to do with “Reopen Closed Ticket” action? If you need to cancel payments you also need to add related action.

I expect to reopen a closed ticket, or I am doing it wrong?
i tought a closed ticked could be re-opened to change payment type for example.



To be able to change payment type first you need to delete all current payments and re-settle ticket with correct payment types.

Implement this to cancel payments. Reopen ticket does nothing by itself. It is useful when used with “cancel payments” action.

Button appears gray because of the button mappings configuration. Take a breath, edit automation command that you’ve created for cancel payments, go to mappings page and clear “Enabled States” value completely. After this change button should appear functional.

correct me if i am wrong, i already implemented the “cancel payment” button… it works great if you dont close the ticket. now to complete the circuit my idea is to set up a re-open ticket button, so you can reopen the ticket and cancel payments…

I have the “enabled states” value completely cleared, in the Automation command button. I am sure that i am missing something here, jajajajajajajjajajajaja


[UPDATE], I dont know what I did, but now its working, it opens the ticket!!!


No re-opening ticket not needed.

Hmm, Printing a ticket also locks ticket. Try clicking “unlock ticket” button if you didn’t do so.

Or let me ask another question. Can you click “Print Bill” button?

In that screen “Imprimir Ticket” or print bill is grayed…

Sorry, I didn’t noticed you’ve updated your previous post.

OK. So it seems you solved it. Most probably “Print Bill” button also have star in “Enabled States”.

I solved it partially since, in the screen I attached the ticket is open, but it does not show any items…
But yes, i could open a ticket, I even could manage to show the button if the ticket is closed and hide the button if the ticket is open…



After playing a LOT with states I found how tomake it work… now Reopen ticket button only appears if ticket is closed, and dissapears if ticket is open. After reopening a ticket all buttons like print bill, settle bill, and fast cash payment are enabled.

The only problem is that once you click in reopen ticket, and you go to payment screen, all ticket items are lost… could you please check that??
NOTE: As soon as I click in “Cancel Payments” (yellow button) ticket lines do appear!!!

and thanks for your patience!!!

Dear @emre, I did not find any action (refresh, change status or update) that could bring items into ticket once is reopen… could you give me a hand here?



That confuses me a little. Do you have two buttons functions as “Reopen Ticket” and “Cancel Payments?”

Since they shows unpaid lines these items does not appear on payment screen if ticket is settled. They should appear as soon as you cancel payments. If you can add a screen shot of the problem it can help me to understand what is not working for you.

HI @emre, sorry that I have not been so clear…

yes I have two buttons, one is “Reopen Closed Ticket” and the other is “Cancel Payments”. for me they work differently, since the reopen ticket brings me the ticket to do different things like reprint bill, add items… and if I press cancel payments i just cancel ticket´s payments.

Create a ticket with some items i it… an go to payment screen, add some payments, but dont close it!!! I you hit the YELLOW button you will cancel mpayments done and start over.

once you are confortalbe with payments, and close the ticket yo can go to the ticket list to see the closed ticket… hit display, so the ticket comes to

hit display, so the ticket comes to screen… Here you can see how the “REOPEN TICKET” button appear (before it was not visible)… it the GREEN button. See how “Settle (Cobrar)” and "Exact Pay (Pago Exacto) are grayed out. You should not use them until you reopen the ticket.

once you click in the reopen button, see how that button disssapears, and the grayed buttons appear as usable and clickable… so far we are good, items in ticket do appear as expected.

If you click in “Settle (Cobrar)” you should go to the pyament screen with the items from the ticket… Here comes my problem, the program takes you there, but no items… everything else is correct (payments, total… and change). As soon as you click in the yellow button (Cancel Payments)…

ITEMS appear!!!

Still have to improve the workflow, since Fast cash payment (Pago EXacto) should delete payments if there where any, and settle the ticket withou having to cancel payment manually. but, step by step, jajajajajajajajja

Hope this clarifys my situation…


I uploaded the database to dropbox so you can play with it

Thank you very much for the explanation in detail. Now I got your work flow.

There are no items because ticket is fully settled and you didn’t cancelled payments yet. SambaPOS works as designed so this is not an error. Let me explain.

The reason we display items on payment screen is to give ability the user settle ticket by choosing items. If you use this function and receive partial payments by clicking items you’ll see remaining unpaid orders on this screen. When ticket is fully paid no unpaid items remains so that area appears blank.

When you cancel payments they’ll re-appear. So you can click items to receive payments.

If I understood it right you expect to see all ticket items there even for paid tickets but this area is not designed to do that. It works if ticket is not fully paid. If you can tell me why you need that we may think a different solution.

OK!!! so, SambaPos works, and I dont, ajajajajajajajajajajjajjaajajjajaja
ok, in our pizza place the only two reasons we would reopen a ticket is to change payments or to add a beer or a pizza to the items.

Maybe, we can add the Cancel payments action to the reopen ticket rule, so it automatically erases payments, shows items and I dont have to worry about fast cash payment button anymore… that would be a good solution, and i would be glad to test it live…


OK that makes sense now. Just create a new ticket instead of reopening previously settled ticket. That will work better.

THANKS!!! thanks for all your help… I managed to figure it out…

This screen shows how SambaPos does the trick, it reopens the ticket, clears all payments, and leaves you in the ticket screen to play again as a open ticket.

question… what about inventory and accounts… how does this affect all that???

thanks again!!!