Rick's Tutorial 7 - Auto Assigning Cashier as Ticket Entity (needed for switch user function)

If you work in a busy environment such as a bar where multiple people use the same till at the same time, to speed up serving another cashier may need to use the till to process an order whilst another cashier has already started a ticket. For this it is useful to have a switch user function so that if another cashier needs to use the till they can press the switch user button, it saves the ticket the another cashier had open so that the 2nd cashier can process their transaction. when the 1st cashier logs back in their ticket that they were part way through automatically loads. You can find this setup here:

However for this to work you need to add the staff entity before the switch user rules can work and rather than manually adding an entity to the ticket it needs to be automatic so that the process is seemless and doesnt waste time in finding and adding an entity.

To do this you need to setup a rule that automatically assigns the logged in cashier as the ticket entity, then all you need to do is press your switch user button and it will save the ticket and close it (you need to have auto logout enabled also so a new cashier can log in)

For this to work you first need setup your USERS, then you need to setup a staff entity for each user ensuring that the name in the entity matches exactly the name of the user. The staff entities could simply be one field with just the name for this to work.

Once you have the users and entities setup you need the following action:

And this rule:

This is the result:

  1. Log in

  2. as soon as the 1st item has been added to the ticket the cashier logged in is automatically assigned as the ticket entity, allowing the switch user rules to work as the ticket now has an entity assigned

  3. Press switch user button and current ticket is saved and logged out

  4. Next user logs in to a new ticket

  5. Original user logs back in and their ticket automatically is displayed to complete

Need to thank @Jesse, @QMcKay and @JohnS for their help and setups in making this work, they did most of the work! I really just put their setups together and tweaked them for my setup

Thanks again!!