Switch Between Users (Not Entities)

Having followed the tutorials on switching users (not entities), the system needed a couple of tutorials to follow to get working.

This isn’t a tutorial but is a database file of a complete set up of the 2 tutorials listed below:


This database file will create an entity called “Staff”, you will need to create a new “Staff” entity for all staff members, making sure that the entity name is EXACTLY the same as the User Name. If they are not the same IT WILL NOT WORK!

Mappings are set to work for everyone, if you want to change this you will need to change the mappings for the rule “SU_Assign Staff To Ticket On Login” and the automation command “SU_Switch User Button”.


Re-Uploaded, fixed Database File:

Make sure you have “Auto Logout” enabled in Settings>Terminals

Switch_User_2.2.zip (1.6 KB)


Thanks for posting! What modification is needed for v5 please? I have loaded ok and created the entities for staff but when I click the switch user button nothing happens.

It’s made in v5. Check your mapping for each rule

Apologies, there is a rule missing. Will re-upload.


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Updated to include Table Switch/Merge problems.

Also has tables 1 to 20 added to prevent switch user from returning after table selected. If more tables are needed they need to be added in the “Hold Ticket” and “Open Hold Ticket” rule constraints.


Nice try @GreatShakesBar, hate to be bearer of bad news but think there are some issues with the setup;

Some of the points might be out of context as think you were going for a all table are paid type flow but definatly some issues there I think.

Hmmmmmmmm shouldn’t do. Maybe I missed something. Don’t think I did.

Did that guy create staff entities?

I’ll check it out with a new setup

It could just be he needed a different flow than you.