SambaPOS 4.1.24 Released

This release contains

  • ADD, ADM custom expression functions implemented for adding days or months to date values.
  • An issue with rule grouping fixed.
  • integration activated.
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@emre, can you please show an example usage for ADD & ADM.

Was the Change Price button intentionally removed or is there a bug of some kind? I used to be able to type a number then press an item then change it’s price. Can’t do that anymore. Why?


same problem after updating!

emre bey modullerı satın alabılırmıyım yoksa deneme surumundemıdır sıte . aktıf basladıysa sıte suan 2 adet modul ucretlı sanırım satın alacagım . kolay gelsın

Yes sorry for that. I’ll create a quick new setup.

@marikoglu satın alabilirsiniz, kısa süre içinde nasıl yapacağınızı anlatan bir döküman yayınlayacağım.

I’ll update Printer Template Formatting Tags document for better explanation.

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V 4.1.25 released to solve Change Price button problem.
Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

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Dear @Emre, my change price button is still missing…

Thanks and sorry…


It should be under Move button and you should be an admin user and you should upgrade to 4.1.25

ok, upgraded to 4.1.25… I am not an admin… but I used to see that button, or at least i tought so…


Yes you are right. Non admin users was seeing this button but it was not clickable. Instead of displaying a disabled button we removed it. However there is a workaround with rules if you also need that for non-admin users. I think search will help you to find that topic.

I will do that!!!



This was discussed here Discount Authorization
Because Change Price is not available to non-admin users, we decided to use an Automation Command button with Admin Pin to allow users to change price without having to logout/login each time.
Same for Discounts at Payment screen. You can now use {:NumberPad} in the payment screen to apply variable discounts with Admin Pin authorisation.

Thanks @JohnS, I saw that, the only problem is that I am a little bit lazy today to try to implement.
I will give it a try tomorrow!!!



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hi Emre, we talked about it before about the “Change Price” issue - i realy need the option that employee could change price and i dont want them to be admin, maybe we can compromise that in settings - we can select “can change price”?
right now all my staff are admin…


@mayase, give me 30mins and I will detail how to use Automation Commands for this.

Hi @JohnS
no rush, thanx :slight_smile:

First, you need to add [:Price] to the Update Order Action

Then, create an Automation Command Button called Change Price, and Map to Order Line.
If you need Admin authorization, then set Confirmation to Admin Pin.

Finally, create a Change Price Rule, add Update Order Action and set default Mapping

To use, select item, enter new price and click Change Price.

PS - This method of changing the price can also handle multiple selected items at once.

Note: If you do not want the Change Price button to appear for Gift or Locked (Gift Certificates) items, then in your Change Price Automation Command Mapping, set Enabled States & Visible States to GStatus=