SambaPOS V5 Translations


Marian thank you very much for it. I added your account to beta group so you can track latest V5 updates to test your translations. I’ll upload latest update that includes Romanian shortly.


hello, @emre ,how can I contribute to help in the translation of Portuguese Europe?
Can I translate to Portuguese version europe?


Check this page … as i see the Portuguese is almost done


@Cazz I enabled Portuguese. Should I upload Brazilian Portuguese on top of it or will you prefer to start from scratch?


I prefer to start from scratch


@MRenat I added Azerbaijani.


Great! Thanks. I started already. :slight_smile:


@MRenat I added you to V5 beta group so you can test your translations through 5.1.61 version updates.

PS: It enabled nice


@emre I finished Spanish, Argentina (only by 1%), but spend a little time and it all looks good; How can I start trying it out in SambaPos?



@delale I added you to beta group. You can download 5.1.61 from related topic and test final state of translations there.

PS: Your recent changes will update on next 5.1.61 refresh.


How is the Portuguese (Portugal) and Russian going? I am interested in helping in those two… :slight_smile:

Looks like Russian stopped 6 months ago? I’ll see if I can finish it up.


@sabata I also added you to beta group so you can follow beta updates.


I want to help in the Portuguese translation please :grin:


Hello Amaf. Portuguese already added. You can login to crowdin with the link I gave on the first post and start translating it.

Thank you in advance.


I don’t have access to the project yet. Can you help me with this?


Click sign up. And sign up for project.


I already signed up, but then this happened


Hi Amaf, Did you clicked the invitation link I gave on the first post of this topic? What happens?


Thank you so much, I resolved the problem :sweat_smile:


What does it mean on crowdin when translations need to be voted? For example, Chinese Traditional (Hong Kong) is fully translated, but showing 0% approved and a few of the translations say they need to be voted (actually it’s the few we updated a couple weeks ago to make it 100% translated again). Does it mean if not approved / voted, they are not included in the latest build?

@emre On another note, I noticed when we updated translations last time, another user went in and altered a number of the Chinese ones and replaced with incorrect machine translated versions (the ones suggested by crowdin which were incorrect). We changed them back again but is there any way to stop this happening? Surely if a translation has a human translated one, it shouldn’t really be possible to replace with a machine translation, only with another human translation, but I don’t know if that is a limitation of the platform?