SambaPOS4 Kitchen Display Setup [Grrrrr...]

Hi i am using sambapos4 since one year and have now to integrate kitchen display at all my client terminals.
I got the submitted and unpaid ticket displaying on entity screen just fine and also the ticket went away from kitchen display after ticket was settled.
The problem is : I cannot update the ticket state or order state when i press “Order Ready” on kitchen entity screen.I can update the ticket state from inside a table entity i just put the button there for trial and it worked,but it dosent work on entity screen why???
The template i am using to display tickets on entity screen is as below

[<T>Table - {ENTITY NAME:Table}]
[<C00>{ENTITY NAME:Customer}]
<J00>Time:{TIME}|Ticket No:{TICKET NO}

<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}

I am also attaching the pics of my sambapos4 configuration,

I cannot figure out where i am going wrong on entity screen and had a very bad sleepless weekend please help me out asap

@Chaitra_Dangat - This setup looks alot like one “JohnS” did a while back (Kitchen Display Setup). Note that there was an issue discovered,

“I was playing with ‘Kitchen Display Setup’. I have come across following behaviour. if a ticket is settled or the items on the ticket is voided before selecting ‘Order ready’ option, Tickets will remain in the kitchen Display screen. Basically you MUST click on ‘Order Ready’ before voiding or settling the ticket.”

Please view the above link and visit post #74. This exact subject has been discussed.

If you have the option I would highly suggest upgrading to SambaPOS5 and using the Task Printer + QMcKay’s tutorial on a KDS, this is what we use and it works much better than anything we ever did in SambaPOS 4.

v5 tutorial: Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink


Kind of unrelated but I have noticed an influx of v4 users to forum since direct licensing of v5 stopped.

Wounded why that is LOL.
Samba has always been a DIY (not out of the box) solution.
Now that solution is no longer something you can fully do yourself. You have to get a licence from under informed resellers.