Save Sub Menu tag

Continuing on from my discussion here Switch Menus with FAST MENU re: switching back to default menu on ticket creation.

Is is there a tag to save a sub menu tag?

I am currently using {:CURRENTMENU} to save the last used menu and using automation it quickly switches back to the last used menu.

The issue arises when using sub menu tags, I have no way of navigating back to the last sub menu.

Is there a tag for the current menu sub menu or an alternative method anyone can suggest?

How about add Update Program Setting in that Change Menu Automation command to save automation command name? Then when yoy want to switch back just execute last save automation command name.


Sukasem, gees you do some freaky stuff! (and loving it!) :grinning:

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Thats what I have done. The problem is with the sub menu tags. I have no way of saving or navigating to a specific sub menu

@emre is it possible to add the submenus to the existing {:CURRENTMENU} tag?

But how you gonna navigate to sub menu? I don’t think we have automation for Menu Categories or sub menu.

Right now, you can archive that by create another menu for sub menu but it quite complicated.

BTW. I still don’t understand what you trying to do.

My thinking was if the {:CURRENTMENU} tag could be updated to include the category and submenu where applicable it would cover all bases.

Basically in my set up I am using different menus as categories. Using a fast menu to switch between each menu.

The issue is if the first item is added from menu 2,3,4 or 5 it switches back to the default menu 1 on ticket creation.

I have used automation to save the current menu on order added and it quickly switches back to this menu after the ticket is created.

One of my menus has submenus so it navigates back to the default sub menu rather that the last one used.

can’t you make another menu as sub menu?

Yes I could create another 5 menus to replace the submenus. But then if I want to add subcategories to other menus the list of menus gets longer and automation for switching gets messier.

I just thought having the ability to navigate directly to a category or submenu would make it more flexible.

I guess this is not really a question i’m asking, its more of a request. I just thought there may be more hidden tags like the {:CURRENTMENU} that I just haven’t come accross yet

That entire flow seems counter productive. Surely we can come up with a better idea? Can you explain your menu better? Maybe we can suggest alternatives.

Well, I think I kinda get it that he want specific menu to be default at specific time. It can’t be done by using categories/submenu button because we have no automation for it.

Wait, I think you asked this question on the other post. I think the tutorial OP said he don’t have problem you having? I think might be something with constraint. It should execute only when ticket create, not every time anything change in ticket.

my menu is similar to this Switch Menus with FAST MENU
I’m using the menus as categories, so I can have a three tier category hierarchy vs the default two tier.

The tutorial OP is using entities so the ticket is created before any menu appears

I am using the create menu method with no entities so on ticket creation it navigates back to the department or ticket types default menu.

I have it set to only navigate on the ticket opened event so it does not happen every time an item is added.