Stuck with setting up SQL

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I followed the instructions to set up SQL on my system, but I’ve hit a snag.

When I get to downloading Standalone 3.7 for SQL Server Compact 4.0, Its not available anymore, it redirects to SQL Server Compact/SQLite Toolbox and when I download that, it says its a Visual Studio extension.

So do I need to install Visual Studio?

Also I’ve skimmed ahead and seen I need to ad the sambapos4.sdf file. I don’t have one in the sambapos folder. Ive searched my entire drive and there are only 5 sdf files, neither one related to sambapos.

Do I need to set something up in sambapos first?

Thank in advance for any help.


Have you already been using samba?

Yes. It’s set up and working fine.

I’ve put my own products in and table plan etc, and running sales through it as well.

Are you sure your using CE?
If you login as admin and double click on the samba logo in top left what does it say in the program header?

SambaPOS 4 [App: 4.1.82]

What are the letters after that?

No letters, just the date and time

The part about ce is optional and won’t pertain to you unless your running ce and want to convert it.

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If there isn’t a letter does that mean LocalDB SQL @Jesse

No it means demo and he should setup the connect strung. He is not running from a database he is in demo mode.

I don’t think samba is connected to SQL yet. I got stuck trying to set it up.

No it’s not as kendash said its in demo mode, not CE or SQL so conversion is not what you need to do.

You need to set connection string to your SQL instance in the Local --> Database settings

You will need to set your connection string and get it hooked to the database them setup your menu and products again. Demo mode can’t be converted.

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So I’m better of downloading v.5 then?

But is still doesn’t help with the fact that I can’t follow the tutorial, because I get stuck half way.

SQL server setup is the same for v4 and v5 so downloading v5 would not help you. It’s going to be hard to help you without us knowing where you get stuck in the tutorial. You need to be more specific and showe us some screenshot example .

How can we help you?

This is from my original post, in the tutorial it goes from installing SQL to installing Standalone for server compact, but I don’t know if I need Visual Studio for that, or if it’s even still the same program.

I can read that just fine but it’s not going to help us help you. We are blind to your issue. We can’t be there to see it so you gotta help us help you.

I already explained that the ce portion of tutorial was optional and does not pertain to you.

Look at this tutorial it might help. SambaPOS Database Configuration

Thank you for the link.

Ive tried to follow the first part and enter the path myself

I have also tried to property editor, and entered the data my self, to get a string.

But I still only have a SambaPOS4.txt file

EDIT !!!

I now have the SQ added at the end of the text string, but I cant find a sdf file

You won’t have a sdf file. That won’t pertain to SQL. You are good now. Start setting up your system.