Suppliers & Products

Is there a way to add suppliers name to products? I have Suppliers Entity created with a list of my suppliers. Is there a way I can attach supplier to a product.

We do not track inventory as we do a lot of pre-ordering. All staff knows what we have in stock and what we dont. We add the items to the ticket even if we dont have the item in stock and customer is contacted when stock arrives.

What I was thinking if I add 5 items to a ticket and I need to order 3 items, if I could select the 3 items to be ordered and have a button to email supplier of the 3 items needed. This is kind of like a Purchase Order

This is very similar to emailing customers which we already do but how do I attach supplier and email to product. Also how to only email and print selected items not whole ticket?

Another Idea I had for internal use was to use Kitchen Display for items that have been ordered and staff can update when stock arrives. Is it possible to send selected items in a ticket to kitchen display?

You can use custom product tags to add additional information to products.

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Hi @emre. I looked at Product tags but I would need to add Supplier and email tag to every product. If Supplier and email were linked it wouldn’t be so bad. I am looking at your Delivery Tutorial. Custom Package Delivery for V5

Instead of Delivery Ticket I was thinking create order ticket or Supplier ticket. If I create a normal sale ticket for a customer and add in 5 items can I select 3 items and create a different ticket type for those 3 items (e.g Supplier ticket) and copy customer ticket id to new ticket type, also leaving the 5 items in the original customer ticket.

Tagging along, as I would like to design something like that too.

You can do that but the automation is very tricky. I did it with a return system once back in v4

couldn’t you assign an entity to each product? you could add whatever info you wanted then?

Is this possible. If so How?

No you cant assign entity to products.

That’s a bummer. Couldn’t you just make a separate entity screen giving each product and entity with the same name then use amc to bring up that entity? I’m sure there would he a workaround of some sort?