Ticket closed after entity selected - no Close Ticket action called

When selecting an entity for a new ticket, the ticket is closed after the entity is selected. This happens only when there are items already on the ticket. If an entity is first selected, then items added the ticket doesn’t close by itself.

Though I’m still using 5.3, I have verified that this happens with the same db in 5.5. This happens with a virgin SambaPOS install with none of my plug-ins loaded.

This doesn’t happen using the db from which this install is based which confuses me even more.

In the past when this has happened, I’ve had to take a working database, clear all but automation, then sync menus, account transactions, etc. Ideally, I’d like to get to the bottom of what’s causing this.

Someone posted about the same issue back in '17 but there was no resolution.

Any thoughts on what could be causing the ticket to close?


This is what happens when an entity selected, ticket closes by itself. No automation command is executed, and no event is published to close the ticket.

2022-07-18 20:34:21.229  [DEBUG]  Notification: [EntitySelected]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.236  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketEntityChanged]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.254  [DEBUG]  Notification: [BeforeTicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.347  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.354  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketStateUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.359  [DEBUG]  Notification: [OrderStateUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.379  [DEBUG]  Notification: [EntityUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.380  [DEBUG]  Notification: [AfterTicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.382  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketClosed]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.397  [DEBUG]  Event:        [Activate POS View]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.404  [DEBUG]  Event:        [ResetReportCache]
2022-07-18 20:34:21.412  [DEBUG]  Notification: [EntityScreenChanged]

Here’s what happens when an entity is preset on ticket created, then the close ticket automation executed:
One can see the automation command as well as the close ticket event.

2022-07-18 20:35:16.308  [DEBUG]  Notification: [AutomationCommandExecuted]  -  Command: [DLV Close Ticket]  Command Value: []
2022-07-18 20:35:16.386  [DEBUG]  Notification: [BeforeTicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.510  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.517  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketStateUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.521  [DEBUG]  Notification: [OrderStateUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.543  [DEBUG]  Notification: [EntityUpdated]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.545  [DEBUG]  Notification: [AfterTicketClosing]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.546  [DEBUG]  Notification: [TicketClosed]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.547  [DEBUG]  Event:        [Close Ticket Requested]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.555  [DEBUG]  Event:        [Activate POS View]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.572  [DEBUG]  Notification: [ApplicationScreenChanged]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.574  [DEBUG]  Event:        [ResetReportCache]
2022-07-18 20:35:16.582  [DEBUG]  Notification: [EntityScreenChanged]

ANything remotely close to doing anything on entity selected / changed has been removed. I see nothing in the rule debugger about closing ticket.


Inactive events shown:


Just for experiment can you create a ticket tag. Define it in ticket tags map it and then add it to the ticket before you select entity see if it works as expected.

I have a theory

Test Tag defined:



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What does the ticket tag tell you?

What theory do you have?

That theory was wrong. @VehbiEmiroglu will need to look at it.

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Can you send me a db backup for recreation of this case

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