New to SambaPOS. I have liked what I have seen so far, however I have a few questions.

I enter a bagle and coffee
I settle
Its $2.95
I click $5 then Cash
It shows the change due in RED on screen. Great.
This is when the cash drawer should open but doesnt.

It shows in the bottom left corner the CHANGE TOTAL. I would like for it to Auto Print the receipt when I click CLOSE and it show the change total on the receipt, but it doesnt.

Can a business logo be added to receipt?

-Work Periods-
Are these a must? In an old system we once used, the user would log in with a 4 digit code and go right to tables.
Can this happen? I see it does a database backup on end of work period, but I think I would like to automate that another way and do away with work periods all together. They would run a report each night.

-Speaking of reports-
How can I run a sales report per user?

Thanks all !!

Yes to all those questions, search the forum all the answers are there and would be a good place for you too see tutorials etc of how things work

Cash drawer opening is usually fired by the receipt printing, if using ESC/POS mode you need to put the kick drawer code in the top of you receipt template

Or create a separate print job with just you kick code in and add that to a payment processed rule with constraint of remaining balance equals zero. This will allow you to set it so it doesn’t open on card payments if you have no need to open the drawer at that point

Logo can be added by adding the image file location to the top of the print template

You can use virtual work periods which auto open and you manually close once a week to correct stock figures - search virtual work periods in forum

Sales reports, there’s a whole report suite that you can custom build any reports you want but you need to learn the specific syntax etc - search the forum for custom reports there’s a whole topic explaining how to create etc

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I am not finding what I need. I need a logged on waitress to be able to print their own sales reports at the end of each night. Why is this not in this POS by default? It is such a needed item.

As said most is covered on forum.

Some things you mentioned are not default samba setup so have you imported a setup from someone or been configured by a reseller?
By default there is no change popup.
Print template can be customised almost completely and so can the flow for open drawer, printing receipts etc.

No this is an off the web setup, all default. I am trying to get it to do what I want before I purchase it.
I see there is a lot here in the forums. I am reading all that, but some times I will see my similar question in a forum post, and it will go to a dead end.

I do want each waitress to be able to print their own sales report for the the night. One post mentioned how " replace $1 with {:CURRENTUSER} and you don’t need @{REPORT…}"
No that didnt work.

It was this one, dead end. Item Sales Report By Server

We are about to open a restaurant in a matter of weeks and need this stuff up and running fast.
Not a lot of time to read hours and hours of forum material at this time. Would paid for support be a lot faster???

ALSO I did find the Virtual Work Periods.

However there is an auto start but not an auto close. Why not.
Its only practical to me to have this able to be completely scheduled.

It’s virtual, it doesn’t actually close/open the period, you just set a start the and end will be calculated based on last ticket before new period starts.

I’ve not done a only for current user type report personally but that topic you link to looks like a more advanced setup with a entity based user system which is why it’s not working if you just using default users.

This is one thing you will find is that no two setups are identical so turtorials are not always 100% compatables with other setups.
Samba is very flexible and can do almost anything but does require a bit of experience/practice.

Paid support from samba or a reseller will obviously be quicker to get to end point but will not help you in the long run when it comes to future changes and tweeks, but then if your in a rush and don’t have time…

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Yes it looks highly customaizable and thats promising. I feel certain this is the app to go with. I just need to get some things tweaked out.

This tutorial will show you how to set this up.

One easy way to set this up is to use the “Automatic Print on Payment” Configuration Task. Note you may need to click “Update” on the Configuration Tasks screen to download them if not shown.

Yes, just add the following line to the top of the receipt. The logo needs to be in Bitmap (.bmp) format. You are also best to edit the logo first to make it only black and white or greyscale to both reduce the filesize and give better print quality. You may need to also tweak it a little until you are happy with the size.


If you want the logo centred on the receipt, add like this.


You may want to put some extra line space after the logo, to do so adding lines with just <L00> will work.

You can do this by setting up a role for staff and not giving them access to management screen. Or there is also ways you can the table screen load for all users rather than main menu, if you prefer that.

You can’t do away with work periods altogether as they are required for reporting and inventory. You can use virtual work periods - as you noticed there is only a start time, that means the time in each 24 hour period you want a new work period to start. So for example, if your working hours is usually 8am to 11pm, you could set the start time to 7am then it will always be started before the shift starts. Virtual work periods aim is to simplify the day to day running - you can still print reports at any time. The default Work period report on SambaPOS is similar as an X or Z report on other systems.

In order for virtual work periods to work properly, you need to first start and end a work period before the next start time. So if you end your work period at 11pm then when you come in next morning, your new work period will have started automatically at 7am. If you then don’t end the work period that night, your next one will start at 7am the next day and so on. You only need to manually end the work period to update your inventory stock levels (e.g. once per week or as required), but this is also only if you setup inventory. If you don’t there is no real need to end work period manually. But anytime you start a new work period manually, you must remember to close it manually so virtual work periods work again (a warning message will be shown to this effect too).

You can read more about virtual work periods here:

This will give you a sales report separated by user

It can be modified to use {:CURRENTUSER} also.

I hope this gives you some pointers. SambaPOS is very flexible and there is nothing like it on the market that gives you so much control. People have done amazing things with it, however there is a learning curve at the start.

And this is an option if you just want to get started quick, yes. Many resellers can help you with a setup. Our company can help you also if you need this service, you can click my name and send me a PM if you want to discuss further.


Another good resource is

Plenty of tutorials from the forum and more are there in one place.