Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports


Pin and Pay Rate were both Custom Fields for Entity Type Employees. Wow good to see someone attempting some of this on their own. You really learn a lot by doing that.

Once you set those custom fields when you create an Entity with Entity Type Employees you will get a box to enter Pin and Pay Rate.


yes I figured as much by now
so it seems implementing on my own means with tutorials has hit an impasse
importing function here I come
which i’ll have to study regardless


Its a good practice. I should have created a tutorial when I made this but I was very busy at the time. BTW I will be updating it when the new SambaPOS version releases. I have changed it quite significantly since the new version supports some very cool new functions.

The time clock is a rather advanced setup using Entity State Logging. You can learn some very good techniques by studying it. I also recommend studying @QMcKay’s version where he does not link it to users.


Ive set the entity type with custom fields and added an entity.
trying to get the pin number field to appear.


May need to log out and log back in. dont forget to select Employees for Entity Type when you create Entity.

The import file does all of this for you btw. All you have to do is create the Entity.

Small sneak peak at a new feature coming with the next version release.


You keep teasing us with new little bits @kendash!! Any idea when new version will be released?


I think @emre is getting close, but he wants to make sure there are no issues first. There are a lot of new features coming. Still testing…


Looking good!! @QMcKay your teasing too now haha


There are a TON of new features so much so we are actually having to sit down and write up everything just to keep up. I think everyone will really enjoy it. What your seeing is tip of iceberg of whats going to be possible.


Cant wait to see it, you going to publish a brief of what all the updates are and do?



if employee forget to punch in or punch out on time. is there a way to adjust it?


Right now the short answer is no. The long answer is yes if you are good with sql but it would be complicated. There is not currently a way to simply adjust time. Maybe in the future we can implement something but for now apart from some SQL Editing the answer is no. I personally get around it by using TimeTrex for my actual payroll it is synced with my punches in SambaPOS. I can make edits on the TimeTrex if need be and it handles the actual payroll leaving SambaPOS for quick reference and reports etc.


So is this new version going to now be called sambapos pro… which im guessing will be version 5…?..


Good eye @antasp3136 yes its Pro yes its V5 we have only shown a very small leak of what’s coming you will be amazed at the work @emre has been doing.


No I am not. I have integrated it using some Jscript. I am not ready to share it yet but I will be in near future. The new integration is very nice you will like it. No clunky .bat files or external calls its all done as if its part of Samba.


Awesome!.. yea i stopped working on it for a while… got busy with work and some personal stuff but now im about ready to start digging into it again. Im thinking that i should maybe wait for v5 and this new java implementation you have created.


When do you think you will be ready to release the tutorial for this?.. I am almost done configuring a system for my mother in laws subshop and I want to add start working on the time clock so they can use it.


I am building it on V5 as V5 has the new functionality that allows it. So it will be a while. Probably a bit after V5 releases.


@kendash is there a way to hide the pin for when users put in their pin to clock out?.. Kind of like how the pin is hidden on the login screen when entered… By the way I implemented this timeclock and its really nice!.. I also was wondering if theres a way to edit a time punch if someone forgets to clock out and they clock out late. Only allow admins to edit the time puches of course. Just some questions. Good work tho!


Right now we can not edit punches in Samba. We may revisit this sometime and work out a way but for now you cant. As far as the pin thing. I am sure there is a way but I never really explored that.