Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports


I have a little problem with TimeClock. Is there any way to make it work not only with Employees group? I have two departments and I want to log in user to his own department. Also, with only Employees group i can’t manage permissions. Maybe you will suggest some workaround? Thank you.


You can make any entity and have it work. That is up to you. Permissions are done at user level not entity. Can you explain more of your work flow? What permissions do you need and what Entity types?


Yeah. Just realized that it looks like it works with other Roles too. Sorry for inconvenience.



Thought I would update you so you see my progress. Here is a copy of a post I recently made in the Beta forum. Remember this is unreleased version 5 so it is not possible yet. I am simply showing you what will be possible with v5 when it releases.

Ok here is my new integration of TimeTrex.


function punch(employee) {

 // Specify URL of php script.

 var URL = 'http://localhost:8085/interface/html5/SambaPunches/'+employee+'.php';

 // Load the script to execute the punch.



Action Execute Script:

Custom Entity Field for TimeTrex Username:

Edit Existing Punch Rule from the Time Clock Linked with users tutorial:

Finally I edited the punch script for each employee and then named each one their username. I then copied these php script files into the web server.

So what has Version 5 done for my TimeTrex tutorial? It has eliminated the .bat files and complicated setup and reduced it down to just using jscript to execute serverside php files linked to Entities and Users.


Very nice!.. Can’t wait for v5 release!.. Is there an eta on v5?.. I’d like to start testing with it as well.


You know what scratch all that you see. With help of our wonderful beta team I am now actually posting data directly to the php so no more needing multiple files etc. It will all be done with JUST jscript. Very exciting it also opens up a very powerful option I will share more with you later.

EDIT: @antasp3136 I have now with the help of @emre and @QMcKay worked it out. The entire integration is now just a single jscript. No more multiple files, etc. Of course this will be only available in v5 but great news to look forward too.


Awesome!.. Can’t wait!


Sorry to bump, how is it possible to change the entity screen to display £ instead of $?


Matt :slight_smile:


Show a screenshot of the area that you are talking about with the $


Just seen this. Doh I’m at home now. Will do in AM :smile:



Thanks to a great discussion in the Beta forum and with @QMcKay’s insanely good SQL skills we can now edit punches! Of course you will have to wait for V5 as this will only work with V5.

Some peaks at it in action!

I think it is safe to say we will now have a FULLY functional Time Clock and this also paved the way for a payroll system.

BTW you might be interested in the fact that I was able to get Samba to enter schedules into TimeTrex. I am working on a good looking screen in Samba that will handle all Schedules and it fully integrates and reads TimeTrex.

Shout out to @QMcKay he wrote some impressive SQL Scripts to make this happen. This is a very advanced way to use SambaPOS. Looking back to when we first started the discussion of a Time Clock and what it has become it really pushed Samba and has really turned into some impressive work.


Can we get some youtube videos or something on here to hold the rest of us over till the release… The suspense is killing me!


The scheduling portion is timetrex only while the time clock is not(I did integrate it to mine) I am not ready to show it as it works but it needs lots of work to be usable yet. I mean the scheduling only works in samba because of timetrex and its integration. The time clock works with or without timetrex.

BTW @antasp3136 which feature did you want a video of?


haha everything, were all dying to see v5 in action. @kendash


ALSO! How do I change it so that I don’t have to clock in. I work self employed salary so I don’t need to keep track of myself or the wife.



EDIT: I found it,

Edit Mapings for Rule Time Clock_User Log In Punch Check (ENTITY STATE NULL)


@kendash I’d like to see some videos of new features. Like the time clock… Tickets screens from what I’ve seen look different. Like the kitchen display. Is there also going to be a way to split items between people now?.. Like if someone gets a appetizer and they want to split it to 4 different bills. Just to see what we can expect or not expect.


Interesting idea I am not sure if someone has attempted this yet.


@kendash Yea I know that there was something on the forum for v4 that some people were trying to figure out how to do this but I dont think it ever got resolved so I was just wondering if this was going to be addressed in v5. I think one of the main features of a POS for a restaurant should be to have multiple tickets for every table and to be able to split items because it happens alot… I cant tell you how many times I go out with friends and im like lets split a appetizer and a pitcher of beer. Esp during football season at the bar!


The Time Clock, as you already know, was implemented in V4, in 2 different ways. They have not changed. TimeTrex integration was also done in V4, though its implementation in V5 is far simpler. Only the Punch Editor is new, due to new features in V5.

The Ticket Lister display looks different due to a whole pile of new formatting features in V5. It’s operation remains mostly the same, save for a couple of updates that make tracking States easier and virtually seamless.


@QMcKay I understand that some of this stuff has been around for a while… I just want to see the new integration and flow of stuff so I can get an idea of what to expect. Its like waiting for the Next Playstation to come out… You want to see screen shots, videos, and read everything you can about it before it comes out because you cant wait!