Time Clock: Linked to SambaPOS Users with Custom Reports


I can make a video might be later today though.


Hi, @kendash, is there any way i can edit the employee data (clock in -out) ex. an employee forgot to clock out last night, and when she come back next day, she wasn’t able to clock in., how i do fix that?


In v5 you will have the tools you need to accomplish this. In fact @qmckay developed one from a conversation we had in the beta forum. So once v5 releases you will have access to that tutorial. V5 should release sometime in June hopefully.

I use his tutorial I even modified it a little further you will see all of that around June as well. I do not think we have all the tools to do one in v4. I can’t speak for Q but I wont be doing anymore complex v4 tutorials.

You could edit the SQL yourself BUT don’t if your not experienced or you will mess it up badly.


Unfortunately, V4 does not have the helper objects required for the Punch Editor. So your only option right now is to do manual record edits through SSMS, which as @kendash mentions can be tricky unless you know what you’re doing.

In V5, we have a sql.ExecSql(query) object that will allow us to do DB manipulations, and it facilitated a full-fledged Punch Editor with which we can do DB edits “safely”.


with the new version anticipated soon are you guys offering like a direct upgrade path or should we wait untill the release of the new version t?


we have built updated tutorials for v5. V4 can be updated to v5 but some things have changed you may want to redo a few things. To take advantage of new features.


@kendash I have imported the time clock but the scan or swipe is not working is any thing missing? do u have any updated new file to share, also when editing entity screen its also asking ticket type is this must? thanks for the time clock


Did you make sure to setup the user role “employee”?

I made this mistake at first. After importing the configuration you need to (1) Setup user role Employee (2) Add users to user role Employee (3) Create entities for each user with identical names and pins.



Yes please read the disclaimers at top of tutorial it explains everything.

Yes you always have to select a ticket type.


Print shift report on clock out ----- ?

Hi @kendash I’m changed TimeClock_log User Out on Clock Out Punch to print my custom report for my employees shift. I also put my custom print action on the TC Log Update function. I know the report works because I if there is multiple clockin/clockouts during the day it does print the old shifts. It just won’t print the one that is punch out right before they’re logged out.

What am I missing…



Its hard to say with that information but something you should know is it’s not recording punches technically it’s recording state changes. That is how many time clocks work and it may not make sense for what you asked but if you study it more it might start too.

Look in MSSMS at your state logs to be sure it’s setup right for starters.

PS I have a much better system for V5 and I will share it. Unfortunately I’ve been in the hospital since Friday I have a pesky condition. I’ll share it when I get discharged.


Hope youre feeling better :slight_smile:


Hi @kendash hope you’re feeling better. It makes total sense to me. Its just a log. The issue is I’m trying to print my custom report just after the timeclock entity state records for clock out and before the user is actually clocked out. That way I can use {SETTINGS:CURRENTUSER} to pull the report where ELEN is equal to Current User. For some reason its acting as if the state change has not occurred yet and it does not print the most recent punch log.



It seems like there needs to be a time delay needed between Entity State Updated, printing a custom report, and TC_Logout.

I removed TC_Logout from the Clockout function, created an automation command with an action called “print timecard” and then added TC_Logout to the rule.

I created a button on the timeclock entity screen that says “Print Timecard and Logout”, Doing so prints the clockout entity state from their recent punchout. I’m not sure if there is an easier way to make this work, but this is what I came up with. I wish it was more automated.



Hi @kendash hope your doing well, and wish you quick recovery. I’m working now on both Time Clock versions, yours and @QMcKay but seems to having some problems to get it running, not sure of this is a V5 issue or I’m overlooking something.
I have done all the settings as made in the Tutorial, but the main issue is now that Under the page (Scan Badge or Enter Pin) I can enter the pins created, but no response. (RESOLVED)

Yes, done.
You used the import file? If you used the import file you simply go to Add entity and select Employees for Entity Type then the option to set a Pin pops up.

OK GOT IT - I have to login with the new User / Employee (Jesse & Melissa) to activate.
I’m looking for a more simple Time Clock were users can Login on several terminals even if an other user has logged in. The terminal is not appointed to a user, as more Waiters using the same terminal.

OK I’m maybe to fast to write, once you log out you can enter de terminal under an other user name not configured as Time Clock user. I see I have to play some more with this to understand the functionality.
As the same user log in again I come direct in the (Time Clock Operation screen but not in the normal terminal screen to make an order. The intention is that the user log in one time start shift and log out (Time Clock) end of shift.



I wish you a speedy recovery. Get well.


Peter these were very advanced uses for Sambapos by the nature of it they will be complex. You are close to understanding it though. Once you get it down it will all fall into place for you.

Sorry for lack of specific response but this is something you should probably work out as you have been until you totally understand it.

Remember when you create entities at first they will be stateless meaning no logging of anything. So no starting state. Meaning the first punch may not show on reports until punch out completing the state log.


Hi Jesse, thanks for your response, and yes your correct that I’m will figure this out. I’m close to understand this function and to adjust to our needs.
I keep posting the issues on the forum were I with struggle, as it can be valuable info later for other members.
As I’m running now SambaPOS4 (2 computers) and SambaPOS5 on 3 other computers ( 2 Production POS systems)
I’m able to create al kinds of trash and getting true all the Tutorials and Pre-Installed databases and may say that I enjoy this.
Hope that the Beta testers can improve that we have a stable V5 POS system, but until now only respect for the development team.
Wish you a quick recovery, and thanks for still answering the questions in the forum as I know it is time consuming besides running some business.


I get discharged in few hours but probably will just go lay in bed hah. Hospital beds are not comfortable.


Have a good rest, for me also bedtime.
Just a quick question, I like to print the “Jesse Detail Wage Report” on a A4 Printer connected to the network and installed.
Could not find out were to look for those configuration settings.