Transfer tots from bottles

Hi team,
Can one buy either 1ltr of jd whisky and 750ml of jd jd whisky to the bar store then transfer them to the bar in form of tots ie 25 tots of jd whisky & 33tots of jd whisky and consume the two bottles fully.

If I’m understanding your question you should be able to accomplish that pretty easily…

First you would need to make sure the Base Unit is Ounces in the Inventory Section of Samba. Then you can set up how you want to sell the Inventory Item using Portions.

In this example I have Bacardi set in Inventory to use Ounce as the Base Unit. I also have it set so that I can receive each type of bottle into inventory if needed. (I sell by the glass, not bottle). Then under Products I have two Portions, Normal and Double. Those Portions then map to Recipes where it pulls the correct number of ounces from inventory when a drink is sold.

In your case you would want to have a portion for Fifth (or 750ml) and Liter.

Hope that helps or at least gives you enough to point you in the right direction.

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Thanks @cpeckat , assuming that barcadi is 1l, how do you handle barcadi 750ml incase you dont have 1l in stock

Are you referring to receiving it into inventory or do you mean selling a 750ml bottle to a customer? Are you using both the Inventory and Products features in Samba or just the Products? (Are you tracking inventory vs sales?)

@cpeckat you purchase lets say you purchase 5 pcs of 1 liter barcadi and 5 pcs of 750ml barcadi. You sell 4 pcs of 750 ml full bottles and 3 pcs of 1l as full bottles at this time you have been deducting tots from 750 ml bottle and you have sold 25 tots from it meaning all the 750ml bottles are over, now you want to transfer one bottle of 1l from store to bar as 33 tots.
Am reffering to moving a bottle Of either 1l or 750 from store to bar as 33 and 25 tots instead of full bottles. I can sell a full bottle or a tot from any bottle depending on what remains in stock.
I usenoth inventory and product.

That would be done in the Inventory Feature of Samba. Take a look at these Threads…

The above should give you all the info you need . There are several ways to go about setting that up however it really depends on your needs and how you sell. If it were me I’d set a product for each liquor and add a portion for each size bottle in addition to a poured drink (single and double.) I do inventory by the Ounce and have created a system outside of Samba to do my inventory counts so that works for me. You may do it by the bottle, so you’ll have to adjust to accommodate that.

Hopefully all of that made sense. There’s a clear difference in terminology but I think I’m understanding what you need to do.

work with inventory and recipes correctly works fine for me

Hey @kenny Can you buy a 1 litre of whisky to the main store mand transfer it as 33 tots to bar X?
Can you buy 750ml of whisky to the mainstore and transfer it to bar X as 12 tots remaining with 13 tots in the main store?

I think you should have the bottles to be sold as tots under a separate tots menu, then make a recipe to deduct the volume as tots, so that every time a tot is sold, it is deducted from the total tots that make up the bottle. So even when you transfer a whole bottle, the system will subdivide it and append any respective sale under the Tots menu as tots and not whole bottle.

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@Kery , thanks for the reply. I have already done the tot portioning and working well. I have been using 750ml bottles the probleme comes in when i dont have more 750 ml and i have to use the 1liter. Please guide me

Instead, i’d use the base quantity that is being subdivided to tots as 1L, so that when making transfer, i can either transfer it as either 1 Litre or 0.75 Litre. The recipe will map them to the respective tots whenever you make a transfer (either as a full 1L bottle or a 0.75L, or even other quantity converted to L.) You can also achieve this by adding portions to your product (a Whiskey could have 350ml, 750ml, or 1000ml portions)

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