Using a different approach to current Time clock

You know this logout with delay button gave me an idea relating to Employee time clock.

The time clock I’m talking about is related to this article

Currently the Time Clock uses Employee as entities. This is perfectly fine, and I like how it goes back to nav screen after a small delay without any input recorded.

In Ticket explorer it also shows the employee entity and that’s all fine too.

What I was thinking was…

I was thinking… As soon as a user(employee) logs in, it asks the user a question if they want to clock in straight away, once clocked in, then regardless of how many times they log out or in, it wont need to ask again, unless user clicks a button on nav screen to clock out, then a question comes saying that by clocking out, they will be logged out and may have to clock back in after certain amount of time.

Once they click Clock in after logging in, just like time clock is already recording the time and date of clock in and out, and calculating hours worked… Then instead of having a report for each individual employee in the report screen, for Employee, it can show only the hours they have worked on an entity screen located on nav screen.

This way, even in ticket explorer, we can better keep track of who took what order, based on user logged in, rather then employee entity that is listed.

On top of this A report can be created to show all employees, and their hours worked for that day, and the manager can simply print this out instead of going to each individual employee report and printing it.

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that the current time clock made, is amazing in its own right and it was catered to suited kendash. It works for many users also. My thoughts were just little things that I thought we can use to improve and enhance the already great method into a better, less clustered and more controlled one.


All of that can certainly be done I encourage you to start experimenting.

Off topic:
The time clock is extremely useful. I’ve been experimenting myself (a bit!)
Just as an example, I’ve changed it slightly so that after every sale it goes back to the navigation screen (rather than a timer) and therfore staff are forced to log in every time under their own user.

Every tutorial or idea someone kindly Shares, I always see it as a “skeleton” to which I can add my own twist to fit my particular work flow.