Time Clock & Punch Editor - Custom Navigation Flow: Uses Employee Entities not Users

:exclamation: I have included only the configuration task as it is easy to update and it helps me keep this tutorial current

Configuration Task

Configuration Tasks:

Time Clock + Punch Editor


Standalone Punch Editor


:arrow_right_hook: Copy the URL and navigate to Settings > Local Settings > Online Services and paste that URL in the box then go to Settings > Configuration Tasks and press Update. The Time Clock Task will show up and you can click it to begin with Employee Entry.

Remember this is a completely custom flow designed around a Time Clock if you want just a simple basic Time Clock without the custom flow then visit this great tutorial written by @QMcKay:
Time Clock - Basic Time Tracking

Here is a short video demonstrating the concept

You will notice about quarter of way through video I log out of Administrator and into Employee login.

Here is a look at how many rules this system is comprised of:

Here is a look at the Actions


thanks Kendash,

i’m trying to download the task but it takes long time for downloading without any result.

it sems that the file is tooo Big or thier is some issue.

I was able to download and update it without any issues. I did notice it cleared all other navigation buttons when I activated the time clock. Did I make a mistake or should it only show Timeclock, Punch Editor, and POS after I’m done? This was under the administrator login.

Additionally, I’m still not understanding the workflow. Should these entities also have a users login for logging into the system? I notice the Configuration Task doesn’t create a user.



Nevermind… If this is a fresh install of Samba V5 you need to create the custom navigation buttons after or prior to the timeclock install. Do this by going to Local Settings -> Display -> Allow Custom Navigation. Then go to Program Settings -> Maintenance -> Create Default Navigation Buttons.

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What steps are you taking to download it?

I followed his directions above. Check the URL.

Save, then go to Configuration Task and Update Tasks:


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No users. It’s recommended to make one non admin user it will stay logged in the entire day. If you need access to admin then you can login as admin.

I have two navigation profiles for mine. I’ll demonstrate that in a video later today. When it’s logged in as employee it does not have punch editor etc on screen.

The flow is employee has to login to pos button it will auto log them out after 30 seconds of no tickets made the logout is really just taking it back to nav.

So just two actual users. Employee and Admin. Admin is only used to do admin stuff. Employee user stays logged in until end of day.

PS if I make changes you can just update task and it will download the new task.

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@Jesse as we’re automating user entity creation we may also create users and attach entities to these users. That might be an alternative implementation for later.

We’ll just need user creation, validation and switching api’s.

However this implementation has additional benefits as we can stay on navigation and display informational data on screen. This is just a suggestion for confused users.

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Yes it’s a radical change to typical flow. I prefer it myself. It’s actually easier to track employee data if they are all entities.

But yes it’s very flexible. I would love to hear feedback and improvement suggestions.

I would like too see a way to automate user layouts some day as well. But that might be more difficult.

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Asking user PIN on POS button click is a great idea. I also think it is better than staying on login screen. As V5 allows us to create any type of reports by user entity having separate users for each waiter will have no additional benefits.

This also supports most requested “changing ticket user” feature :slight_smile:

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@kendash I was able to end the work period, however the user entity was still logged in. I would imagine if we end the work day it should log out all entities, even if they forgot to clock out. Or it would not allow the work day to end similar to open tickets.

BTW how is timetrex coming along :wink:

You can automate that. ill look into that. Timetrex is fully integrated into mine. I’ll show you how to do that later. It’s one action to a single rule.

My restaurant the Work Period ends before my employees clock out. They end work period and stay late cleaning then they clock out.

However I can see how someone might want that option. We can automate that. I might add a few prompts to the task to choose if you want it synced to work period or not.

Hi, everytime I run the task is cancelled, do you know why? And is not in this one only, the other one to split the payments is exactly the same.

Are you running version 5.1.50?

no, I still have the version 5.1.47

Upgrade to 5.1.50 then try.

yes, I did and it´s ok now. Thank you so much!!!

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Please let me know feedback. Was it easy to use? How do you like the time clock?

Hi again, I have the punch editor but i can’t see the time clock! I put a employer, pass but where it is after pos, or where?

It is on the navigation screen.

Should look something like this

Or do you mean reports?

Watch the sample videos at top of this post it demonstrates it.

I’m really sorry, but I don’t have this navigation menu! How can I have it?