Need logout button!

It’s been 3 months and our staff still will not log out. Its slowing down our system them not doing this and then instead of logging out they use each others accounts and we have to figure out who screwed up when they blamd each other. The auto log out feature was just too much, they complained about having to re enter their pins every time they exited a table. Its understandable that it can take up extra tome and be a hassle so i removed it bit now they arw back to leaving everything open and its slowing down the system. They just are not seeing the little log out button at the bottom. So to fix this I decided to create an automation… a bigger solid red button in bold letters that says LOG OUT! I followed this tutorial

but when I press the log out button, nothing happens. Is there anything that could be preventing it from working? I’m on v5. An auto log out timer would be nice if we can’t get this to work.

I see no point making this button. If they do press logout which I doubt that they will do it anyway, they have to enter the pin anyway. Isn’t it add one more step?

You may invest in RFID or magnetic card for them to login then. Or buy each one a tablet :slight_smile:

BTW you already seen this thread Auto logout timer. Did you try it, the other user got it working?

We plan on getting a tablet or two but some of our older employees have said they would rather not use them, so we’re not going to force it. The switch from pen and paper to samba was horrifying enough, you cant stress out someone if theyre over 60. They might have a heart attack. Lol. Making it auto logout after x minutes of inactivity would be nice.

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Hmm I saw something similar to this before. Lets see If I can dig it up. It’s actually not that hard to do.

Find posts made by me, Theres a thread on how to do it that I started a few months back which was answered by a load of people.


Didn’t take long to find :slight_smile:

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Well it seems like this is using the log out user action, which in the op I followed the tutorial exactly on making a log out button. The log out button used the same action so when I pressed log out nothing happened. Not sure if that’s an automation error or some kind of issue with the rules and actions. However since this is using the same rules and actions I have my doubts that it will work… any ideas on what would cause the log out button not to work when I followed the tutorial exactly. Should I post screenshots. What of?

Post screenshots of all of the Automation.

Automation Commands
Rules (with Actions expanded)

If you followed the Tutorial, that would include anything prefixed by “AL”.

Why not just change the mappings of the new log out button on the main screen?

I have main menu disabled when they log in the go straight to the pos screen. Only admins have access to the menu.

Just to check, is it that it doesnt work at all? Humor me but you know that by default you would need to put the ticket on a table or customer to be able to close a ticket and in turn logout.

If you change mappings it won’t be in main menu. Go to the logout mappings and click add… then change to ticket…

The actions and rules work just fine. It’s a configuration issue but we won’t be able to help you spot it until you show up s what you have done.

I use an auto logout on my system.

Auto logout is something I want to do except not being triggered by exiting of tables instead happening when 1 minute of inactivity happens. If the system auto logs out we won’t much need a log out button. I see a tutoroal was posted so it wouldn’t hurt to try and see if I can get it to work. If it doesn’t work ill come back with screenshots of my configuration.

How do I do that? I don’t recall seeing that anywhere in settings and configurations.

The real problem is you never show how you did it (how would anyone know what went wrong). That is the first thing if you really need to do to get help.

You are lucky already that someone response to your topic. :wink:

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There is not an actual activity timer. There is no built in device to track activity. We simulate it using events and an automation command delay.

If you want it to not trigger when exiting tables then what if someone exits a table then leaves… next person comes and selects a table…

Or do you mean you dont want it to imediately logout? If thats the case then we can simply use an automation command delay like I mentioned so if person exits table it triggers after x amount of time to logout. If they select a new table it resets the timer back to 0.

Well @sukasem it sounds like he may have tried using my custom Time Clock setup. That was geared specifically for my flow and was not meant for tables.

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The automation delay sounds like what I would be looking for. So how do I set up a logout delay after x amount of time after an automation is pressed and a new selection is not made.

Read the linked topic. The information is there. Specifically …

@QMcKay shouldn’t you have to spoon feed? Just kidding:stuck_out_tongue: