Variable Delivery Charges (based on Zones)

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I have added delivery charges automation button on the ticket screen. How can i have a popup that gives me option to choose the amount?

Currently its adding $5 which is applicable to one zone. I want it in a way that when i click on delivery charge button it gives me an option to enter a custom value or options to choose from.

I have tried playing with calculation method and selected custom but unable to achieve.

Any Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

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Show the rule for your delivery charge button as doesnt look like your using a calculation selector.


I have used the following tutorial:

And what’s that action.
You’ll need to expand on that automation.
What do you want zone 1, 2, 3 and manual?
You’ll want an ask question for the initial question zone 1 2 3 manual.
Then an executed command rule responding to that with a pair of update calculation actions where amount is a open field.
If not manual one uses command value from the ask question and if manual a [?prompt] in the amount field.

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In this action:

Replace the Amount field (10) with this:
[?Delivery Charge;;{CALCULATION TOTAL:Service Charge};OC;"5","10","15"] (you can change the amounts in quotes to the amounts you want.
[?Delivery Charge;;{CALCULATION TOTAL:Service Charge};OCN;]

The first option will give you this popup:

This is the second option:

Here is post that describes what everything means:

The {CALCULATION TOTAL:Service Charge} report, that is there to show what the current Service Charge is at, in the event you need to change the amount. Nothing will appear when setting the Service Charge for the first time setting the Service Charge.

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Automation Commands:


With visibility in Ticket.







Where [:CommandValue] is the right value on the expresion of field Buttons in the Ask Question action in the first rule.


you could but the amount as the = value and just done if command value not equal manual use command value for amount;-)

i tried but did not work for me…!

thanks @Francisco_Lopez its working perfectly fine… only thing i am unable to achieve is how to select same action more than once? :slight_smile: i can clone but looking at your screenshot you have achieved this without cloning as the name is same!

Thanks @JTRTech exactly what i wanted to achieve what you have asked and Francisco_Lopez presented the perfect example!

Multiple use of same action after adding right click on the left column and show all and used actions will show and be available to add a seccond time.

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thanks @JTRTech… A long learning curve for beginners!!!

You and every member of this community are great and amazing…!

Just a thought!

it will be great if there is a you tube channel or subscription available where people can request the tutorials and experts like just to name some : yourself, Jesse, QMcKay, Fransisco, SambaPOS Support can actually demonstrate. (of course selected and complicated queries) it will help novice users to educate themselves from another platform.

Thanks again for your response and help!

Stay blessed always!

I did a few video tutorials;

These take time though and we are not paid by samba, just resellers and or venue operators so cant offer up the time required without any return in investment.
These videos took me several hours a piece for relitivly simple demos.
I made these in a way to help proper get to grips with the ecosystem of samba automation.

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Make sense!! but i am sure if you guys start something many people will subscribe and i will be the first one :slight_smile: and eventually there will be ROI…

I thought about it back when samba was primerally DIY users before they switched to push use of resellers.

hmm! hopefully down to road there will be something! forum is huge but for beginners like me are struggling to grasp the codes on most occasions :slight_smile: like now i am stuck and cannot stop the slice to go to kitchen screen as its being sold at the counter and does not need to go to the kitchen screen…!

The issue is these things are all custom, 2 setups are never the same, there are usualy several ways to achive very similar results.

is there anything that i can refer to?

What tutorial did you take the setup from, could use product tags, states or other aspects. Hard to say without more info

I can send you my database too if you have time to look at it