Void rules issue

Hello everyone,
i hope someone will be able to help me. I am a new user of Samba POS V5.
I am currently seeting up the application. I tried to set up the reopen ticket button in order to void paid item. Well, I was actually trying to erase test ticket but I saw on the forum that there is no way to cancel a ticket only void the item on it.
My issue is that the void button is note available. Could you please tell me what I did wrong?

  1. Here are screenshoots of the action, autommation & rules for the reopen tickets

  1. Here are some screenshoots of tickets

    I dont know if it is supposed to be this way but as you can both Settle & close buttons are availaible even before I click on Re open- the ticket status is paid and the item are submitted

  2. Here I clicked on reopen then selected an item
    But the void (Remboursement) button is not available

Default void button will not work if ticket is paid. You would need to set the mapping for void to show for Paid tickets. However in that screenshot you just posted above you have not cancelled any payments yet.

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ooh Thank you so much for answering this fast!!

So I need to manually cancel payment before voiding Item on ticket?

I thought it was done by automation when I settled the re open ticket

Could you please tell me how to cancel payments?

Also, I do not see on the void mapping where to specify paid ticket

So you thought items were voided when you paid for the ticket again? No that just pays the ticket a second time. You have to cancel payment to be able to void an item.

I mispoke. I thought payments were canceled when I reopen a ticket which would then allow me to void item on ticket.
I followed this

Could you please tell me how do I cancel payments? Or by any chance is there a convo on the forum that you know of that explain it?

Canceling payments is another action. First you need to reopen ticket with the Reopen Ticket action. Then you need to cancel payments with the Cancel Payments action. They can be placed into one rule.

So this rule is correct and payment should be canceled when I re-open ticket?

Could you please tell me how would I know that the payment is cancelled?

Also, The application is part in french and I noticed that sometimes in the setup I have to put value in french and not in english.
For instance, in the automation commands mapping I had tu put “Payé” instead of “Paid”.

Could it be that there is a value that I have to translate somewhere in the default set up?

I am sorry for insisting Jesse…:sweat_smile:
I had a look on the forum and find the rule debugger trick and it appears that when I click on the Re open ticket button nothing happens. Do you see anything wrong on my set up?

  1. create ticket

  2. Cash in

  3. Trying to re-open ticket

Yes your command is Re-Open Settled Ticket but in your rule you put Re-open Settled Ticket those are not the same.