Want to Create Deals

Can any one please help me I want to create Deals in SAMBA POS v4.
our Menu include different Type of Naan like pizza naan and nuteela naan and bevarages. We have two printers for Bar and Kitchen Separately our ramzan Deal Include different type of naan pakora bevrages that makes a deal so please help me to create it

You would probably attract more responces if you explained a little better…

Give an example of a transaction and how the deal works.
Explain how you would prefer the deal to happen on Samba, ie press a button to do this or whatever.

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Perhaps this helps you:


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Just want to press a button of Deal ie : Deal 1 Or Deal 2 or Deal 3 and with this want to print entire menu list in relavent department: ie in deal 1 total naan 3: type ie: nutella nan , cheese naan and pizza naan and with one small cold drink…some same goes to different deals

Not sure I completly follow but from your description and if your on v4 you could probably just do with order tags.
So deal one as order tag group for naans with min 1 and max 1 and a drinks with similar.
You could either leave opened or preselect a default if prefered using the menu instance of the deal product.


You could use what Im using for my restaurant.

I had help from JTRTech and used Vasilios’s tutorial to get mine setup properly