Weird Issue with Refund Item

Having and strange issue with refund item. Created a action Update order that changes the price to 0.00 and sets the item quantity to -1 to also refund the order tags but its making the price of the order tags show up as double when going to the settle screen. so if a order was a dollar and the order tag was .50 cents when i refund the item the settle screen shows -2.00 dollars which doesnt make sense.

Could you share your rules?

What happens if you have 3x Product and if you press refund it will make it 2x Product? Why not multiply {QUANTITY} with -1?

You should use Update order tag with the same quantity also?

let me try that… wont that still make the payment show double for the negative amount tho?

Think about how you want to solve refunding tickets that belong to the current Work Period and tickets that are from past Work Periods.

Negative qty should work for refund. That’s what I use…
Will check order tags situation as I xidnt do any additional automation other than qty.
I also restrict refund to new orders. You dont want to make negative qty refund on submitted orders already served as negative qty refund should be a seperate ticket undo type.

Hmm what do you mean separate ticket undo type. If someone comes back in after paying to complain about a order made. Mostly to be used in Togo orders that are made and paid for then they call back in with a problem. Would you want to do the refund on the same ticket so that you can track the refund on that order?

In same ticket would be a void or gift rather than refund no?
Refund would be to refund something already paid/closed.

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Yea but if your creating a new ticket to refund something how is that a proper refund. How do you know what ticket or item was made that a customer had a issue with and refunded… With using the original ticket you will know the date and time the ticket was made and if refunded who did the refund. Creating a new ticket to do a refund dosent tell you that a item was ever made and sold. Am I wrong in thinking like this? Anytime you go to any type of retail store or anywhere when you get a refund or return a item it lists the orginal amount of the item and what you paid and then lists the refund amount and everything is always stored on the same original ticket to keep track of everything for auditing reasons.

Most systems will create new tickets for refunds it’s the most standard way I’ve seen. Expecially in retail.

In restaurant world you rarely refund the product. It’s almost always just a transaction of money and the actual product doesn’t matter.

When you do this im assuming that you clone the closed ticket to a new ticket with all the orders and order tags on it as well then refund the items that need to be refunded if they dont want to refund everything?

My refund system just does refunds based on new tickets, no need to find and reference the original. Plus I’m a mobile bar so there’s not really much to go wrong, and if not does the refund will happen pretty much at the time as when something went wrong so need to lookup anything up

I work in retail too and never lookup the original receipt to refund off, customer needs to provide proof of purchase (ideally their original receipt) for us to process a refund, so we don’t really need to link it to original

For restaurant I just refund amounts. I dont worry about items its all in trash anyway. Im only worried about refunding payment. For USA cards we can issue refunds from our refund screen thats part of our integration. For Cash refunds I just do transaction document.

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