Changing name of product for kitchen screen display

I use QMcKay’s kitchen display using Task printer:

I would like to know if I can change the product (meal) names that are sent to the kitchen display screen…

My problem is that on the item description is too messy for the kitchen and I would like to simplify it to just key words, but obviously on the bill I would like it to be descriptive enough so the customer doesn’t query meal names.

We use the printer template for this and this is the line in question, is the anything I can change?

<[=(‘{QUANTITY}’>1 ? (‘{QUANTITY}’+’ ‘).substr(0,2) : ’ ‘)] {PRODUCT NAME}
[=’{PORTION}’==‘’ ? ‘’ : ‘ <color #FF55FF33><size 16>{PORTION}’]>

Thank you for the help.

Yes, use a custom product data field to set an alternate name similar to multi language prints and use {ENTITY DATA:FieldName}