Customer Loyalty Points Setup [4K with Voiceover]

This was a tutorial I did a while back but struggled to upload, apparently there was a corrupt frame so had to re-render it.
Anyway, its not a full step by step but a run through of a pre-configured setup for a customer.

It includes a points based on ticket value system which is automatically allocated to the loyalty card entity selected for ticket on payment.

Points allocation is logged on the ticket with a state.

I added the ability to enter the ticket number in an automation flow to claim unused points. This is like at tesco they can scan your receipt bar-code and your card to allocate you points if you didnt have your card when making the original purchase.

There is a button to show the current loyalty entity point balance and its discount value. The discount is manually applied to a ticket using this button. There is limits that discount applied can only match the ticket value ie not end up being a refund.

The customer in question used a barcode scanner and printed cards with barcode for identifying the entities. Given the use of barcode scanner the ‘claim unused points’ flow was done in a way to easily use barcode scanner to scan a bar-code for ticket number/id aswell.


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Youtube took longer than expecter to prepair, video now added.

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Thank you very much i waited so much for your video to be uploaded.

Sorry ti took so long, know there was a few people I had told I was sorting it, Ive had it narated and ready for a while but it wouldnt export due to the dodgy frame in the render…

Either way, hope it helps.

@JTRTech first thankful to you to share the hard job . I implimented this and trying since yesterday . What am getting error is if i have 500 points ($5) worth . And ticket total $2.50 which is 250 points used it should be 250 balance but going into negetive . (-250) .
If i chnage the action order bring the bottom one to one up
Same 500 points balance and used 250 the balance should be 250 but its become 0 .
This is what i noticed thanks again.

Hmmm, sure I had it tested and working…
It will only be in that one rule for allocating the discount and updating pooints.
If you show what you put, I think maybe you typoed it somewhere and both ‘set to 0’ action and deduct points actions are firing or maybe on the tag for points on points-(total100) making it 0-(total100)…

Here is the screen shot.

Pretty sure the last one is not quite right… Who’ll need to double check when at PC later…

@JTRTech Sorry any update on this? Thank you.

Sorry for delay getting back to you.
Tested your senario on my system and seems to work as expected.
500 points (£5), £2.50 ticket, apply points makes ticket £0 balance and 250 points (£2.50) left
Just to clarify you not just reading as minus because of the - in entity display format are you? Just checking…

@JTRTech I have checked your video may be 3 times and compared exactly same I followed but not working for me , so I deleted all settings . I will do it again you know you gave me a exam like pause the video and follow it oh 4 nights any way I appreciate your job.

HI JTRtech

i watch your video and replay few times, very nice functions my customer looking for this in a bubble tea stores. i have problem with the total point for US$, for examples when customer earned 5000 point (but that 5k point worth $50) i can closed the ticket with $100 ticket but the point still remind show 5000 point after the ticket closed.


Can see two mistakes at least.
Your update points on ticket closing has unbalanced brackets on the state part of the sum.

Also on the apply discount rule if you look at your constraints you have less than or equal to on 3 of the 4, pretty sure it should be 2 less than or equal to and 2 greater than.




thank you very much Joe.

it works great, thank you for all your hard work and supports.


Brother U show Greate Loyalty Process really Nice
i want to ask in my shop even customer have 12 point if customer want to buy with his point we accept 10 to used right now customer point is used 12 point bro how to i change setting
in my shope
1 point = 100
10 point = 1000
only My shop let customer to used 10 point 20 point 30 point only other 2 or 4 or 8 please reply me brother

Sorry, your English is quite unclear…
To change the point allocation and use value you just change the formula/sums that add and deduct the count in the entity data field.

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