Daily inventory count!

Hello Team,

I wanted to know if there is a way to enter inventory count at the end of each day?
Let me explain what I mean by that:
You get your supplies form your suppliers and you enter them into Samba and Samba keeps track of them through Portioning. What I want is every night employee manually counts all the popular items (around 20) and at the end every month there is full inventory count. Now, can Samba generate a data base where you can cross-reference the manual data against Samba’s data and see if you have items that were short/over. This data base can be built inside Samba or it can be exported into excel file.

Thanks in advance for your input. Also, I am interested to know how you guys keep track of your inventory.

Look at Manage > Inventory > End of Day

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You can use Current Inventory column to update physical inventory numbers.

Thanks for the replay. Can this information be exported into an excel file?

You can report End of Day records by using {REPORT CONSUMPTION DETAILS:X} reporting tag.

These are the available fields for that tag


You can use Data Export feature to export any custom report to Excel. You can find some samples here.


Hellow emre I will like to know if there is a way lo leave a message or a note or a description for each end of day record I believe it is vital to the admin and to the business to have the possibility to leave a message explaining what happend to the inventory, why is he adjusting the phisical inventory.

Emre is not likely to answer he is busy working on the next version. Your best option is to study the tools available and try to come up with something that suits your needs.

mmmm ok kendash but…i cant image something thats fits for that need, could you help me with some idea…

I can but I’m on my phone driving so may be a bit.

thank you, i can wait :slight_smile: meanwhile i will search for something.

hellow, any luck with this?

No sorry I got busy. Did you have any luck?

nope…it will be greate to have this message for each item in the inventory end of day records :frowning:

that single plain text field will solve the WHOLE wastage/spill problem that i have…i want a justification for each inventory correction. what i believe will be great for admins. in that way i can know if an inventory product was rotting or if it was an accidental spill…or any situation.

We wont be getting any more features for v5. So your best bet is to try and find an alternative method.

is there a tentative release date for v6? and also what do you know about the samba eclipse or any solution for franchises…

There is no information on v6 at all other than he is working on it. As far as franchise stuff you need to ask Tayfun that. I wouldnt expect V6 until late this year.