Hardware recommendation

Hi What are ye guys using for your Kitchen Displays (hardware). I am looking to get kitchen display setup. Are their any configuration tasks for setting up kitchen displays or tutorials.

I am also looking for a wireless receipt printer. I am setting up a 10" tablet outside and getting a network cable out there is not an option. I just think a tablet and wireless receipt printer will be best option for us. Will cash drawer work off wireless receipt printer?

Depending on your requirements, you can use a 10" or 12" Windows tablet, or if you want a larger screen, probably touch screen is not the best option and use a larger monitor (i.e. 32") connected to a Mini PC (you can buy for around £130 GBP / $200 USD), then buy a (ideally waterproof) numeric keypad keyboard and use with the bump bar tutorial below. If you can find it, you can also get a “bump bar” instead of the keyboard but from my own experience they are expensive and not easy to find.

I would recommend either of these. They both also come with DB Tools import files you can use.

There are a few you can buy. Just make sure you have stable wireless coverage where you intend to put the printer. Which country are you located in? If you are in the UK or Europe, send me a PM my company sells them.