Help with Happy Hour setup

I create a rule for one category lower the price but never turn it off.

Rules do work you’re doing something wrong, can you explain what you’re doing as it’s not very clear

Rules work obviously. Maybe we should rename this post. Please help us understand your issue.

I think the way you use {TIME} is incorrect. Ill check my setup shortly

You need to use like this.

{DATE:HHmm} Greater 1100

Also what is this? Is this the name of one group code or multiple ones?

name of menu category

what about the days ? Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri?

Time is format 24 or 12am by example 1300 = 01:00pm?

You can test what output {TIME} uses… it would need to match that output for it to validate the expression.

PS I changed your topic to one thats more appropriate.

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I have always done time using {DATE:HHmm} and say 1100 and 1801

See my super simple happy hour tutorial

Finally did Thank you for you guides

I’m sharing screen

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