How do i import the Kdisplay in my POS

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Sorry but this type of post is not going to get much responce.
With all due respect I’ve not read that linked post and not going to read through it all now.
Please phrase your posts as a detailed constructive question.

What are you doing?
Importing a config task or restoring a backup?
Have you tried!?!? And what have you tried?

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Trying to import Kdisplayzip file into my Database, sql database 2014, sambapos 4

What is the file type?

File type is a zip, how do i import it into my sql server 2014 ?

What’s inside the zip?
Sdf, txt, bak?
Am on my phone and can’t open zips

it is jxt a text file

Text file I believe is a database tools script.
What version are you on?
V5 is included if v4 you need to install the database tools module.

v4 and i have installed the database tool, should i used the tool to import it,

and can u also help me with a step by step guide on how to import it the file. thanks

when i try to import it tells me sequence contain more than one matching element

That is a sdf database file. You will not be able to import that into your database. You should follow his tutorial instead it’s located in that same post you linked.


can i get the link to download the sql version f the kdisplay

Unfortunately there is not one. You really should follow the tutorial so you can understand how it works and customize it how you need.

With V5 we have this awe-inspiring version of a Kitchen Display:

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