How to make this KDS Help?

Hi Guys,

I was going through release documents and found a KDS system that looks go to use.

I want to know how can i build this.


Please can someone help to get this to work.

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There was never any tutorial posted about that kitchen display. I did something similar to this but had to build it myself. I don’t know where the setup I did is anymore, but I may have posted on the forum about it. Can you please help me by linking to the topic where you got the screenshot?

I found it under Release Category : Release 5.1.62

Do you know how to setup in the same way ?

So No one knows how to setup a clean KDS System.

Yes I do. It would take a while for me to build it which I do not have time for atm sorry. I plan to build one for my own restaurant soon but I am not sure when I will have time to do it.


Could you help in setting up three states like Preparing, Prepared and Served ?

On Kitchen Screen, They see the Submitted Orders List based on Oldest Order First, Kitchen Staff can select one by one order and Toggle them to Preparing, and Then Prepared, and Then Served.

No I do not have the time to setup a KDS for someone. You can look here and get idea of what you can do.

I just wonder if you just want a KDS or one that specifically looks like the one in your original post? I ask because that screenshot you posted was more of a proof of concept on task grouping. I had a customer before who wanted this setup, but after I set it up for him, he found it wasn’t really practical and went back to using a more standard KDS layout.

So, with that in mind, did you consider either of these:

Both have database tools export files, you can download and import to your setup, so minimal setup is required. For other states, yes you will need to implement that separately, but at least the KDS is done.


I just need help of making this KDS screen as above images or gif image showing.
plz help us for making this screen in sambaPos V5.
Thanks for your Time