Kitchen Display Ussie

HI, first sorry by my english…
i have a little problem with the display kitchen
some time show me the same product many times on one table,
i put 2 burger, and the kds show me
2 burger. 1 burger. 1 burger. 1 burger. 1 burger
on the same table.

thanks for your reply.
this is the tutorial i follow, is almost perfect, jeje
exept for this issue.
soon i upload captures, thanks
you now that iissue?

I guessed that, but there is no way to be certain, since you provided no information, and you created a new Topic instead of posting in the Tutorial Topic.

Incorrect configuration.

Use the DB Tools Import file in the Tutorial as a starting point, and set up the necessary config details that are not part of the import.

Post your questions and screenshots in the Tutorial Topic please.