Kitchen display with timer notification?

@emre, to make that work, we need to:


But now I look deeper, there is no State parameter for updateOrderOfTerminalTicket … so how can we accomplish this?

There must be a simpler way.

Yes you need to do that to bring ticket to an editable state. In fact when I think about that we never needed to just update an order state out of ticket. What is the reason of that? We implemented tasks (instead of ticket lister) to detach kitchen flow from tickets because when tickets gets paid you can’t change order states. Now are we getting back to that?

Ok. The request is to Print a paper copy of the Order. The Order in this case is a Task on the Kitchen Display. When it is marked as Complete, we want to have a physical paper copy printed at that time to attach to the plate.

Someone suggested updating the Order State and using a Rule for Order State Updated to fire a Print Job. I was going from that suggestion. Maybe there is a simpler method that is being missed here.

Can we Print a Task (not to screen Task Editor Widget, but to paper)?

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Hmm… sorry didn’t read OP properly. So we need to print tasks?

Yes, that is the idea AFAIK.

I think we can use REPORT TASK DETAILS for that.

So while executing report we need to replace $TABLE value to be able to fetch related tasks. That can be achieved by using settings but I added Parameters setting to Execute Print Job action to make it a little simpler. I think that will be useful for other cases as well.

I tested it on my example setup so it prints task when all orders for a table is ready.

As a quick solution for OP some unique value (order uid maybe?) can stored as a task custom field and it can be printed when a task marked as completed. Until 5.1.61 released settings can be used to pass task value to template but waiting for next update might be a better idea.

PS: While using {REPORT TASK DETAILS}, T.ContentText field can be used to receive content that cleaned from formatting tags. For example if <b> tag is used to format a part of content for screen you won’t see that tag if you read content by using T.ContentText field.


can you share tutorial for this screen.

What screen? There is no Tutorial for unreleased features discussed in the latter part of this Topic.

Try this - found using SEARCH for Kitchen Display

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I want to ask a question that you were talking about setting action or rules on high priority some where, could you please tell me where I can set this priority because the kitchen display is not displaying the keys.

Hot sure about priority…

You can order rules and actions within rules…
And using execute automation command action with background set to true makes that wait for other actions to complete first…

There is a setting in the Execute Print Job Action for Hi Priority: True/False.

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I was following your tutorial and m facing the same problem i.e display kitchen is not showing anything. I installed sambapos v5.1.62 version and sql express 2014 database, is it ok to implement your tutorial in these version? is there any other changes? Because m watching some other different options in this samba v5.1.62.
Please help me.

See my kitchen display coming like this…

Any body here??

I download a database file kitchen.bak from some where on this forum and restore it on my database i.e 2014 and when i opened sambapos v5.1.62 i was getting blank kitchen screen.

Void not working when m doing void any item kitchen display is still showing the item, it’s not cancelling the item.

Hello emre,
I followed your tutorial with partial success - I am able to make it print sth but no Task Details. What I would like to achieve is to print a single order that was just marked as completed but I dont know how to “pass” the order UID to the print job action. Could you please give me a hint on that?
And could you please share your print templates and Task Editor settings? Your KD looks nice and clean, I am still struggling with the formatting tags.
Thank you very much,

I need to do This, have you the tutorial?

Hello @thisway,

We will be publishing the step by step document about this configuration in a few days on

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Hello @thisway,

Here is the step by step document about mentioned configuration;