Kitchen Screen discussion

I want to start the discussion about a kitchen screen. I want one in my restaurant but there are only a few options to build one in SambaPOS. I can use tasks but that seems bugged atm with refreshing. I can use Ticket Lister, this might be a good option, or we can try and build a new one. I am inclined to try and build a new one and I am probably going to try just that. The reason, however, that I am writing this here is because I would like to hear more from the community. Who here uses a kitchen screen? What features do you feel are mandatory for a good kitchen screen?

I am also inclined to think we may need a new solution via GQL that can be ran in a browser similar to what QMcKay built but maybe expand on it.


Part of my research involves me looking at kitchen screens and how they work with various other POS systems.

I have used ticket lister a few years ago but I had the issue that when a ticket is payed, the ticket disappeared from the ticket lister, then I changed it to Kitchen Display with tasks but I always had the issue with refreshing, I use an autoclick to refresh the screen because I I could not solve the problem with SambaPOS.

For me, the Kitchen Display with tasks is great, it has time alert with colors, it can trigger commands, you can check the time for each task with a report, it can be mark as completed by mapping a key. In this last 3 years, the only issue is refreshing.


We’re using tasks. It kinda works (no issues with refreshing for now but I worry it will stop working suddenly so I have a printer ready to quickly replace the KD). Apart from the refreshing issue I don’t like how it deals with voids and a sound notification is a pain in the a**. I’m broadcasting a message on ticket close and running a .vbs to play the notification on the kitchen terminal but it barely works.
I think a sound notification should be hardcoded in the task editor widget (let us just select a file that is played once a task is added).
I will add some photos of my KD setup later today.

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If you are thinking of creating a new solution from scratch take a look at splitability - kitchen-display-system . Haven’t used it but looks to be pretty much what any good kds should be and you could pinch some ideas from it.

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Thank you @KryptonFactor that system looks interesting but I do not think it would fit what I would want in one. More than likely I will probably build one myself.

Yes I agree I think tasks are a great solution. I really think I am leaning towards a webapp based KDS with GQL. If we can develop a standalone webapp version that can be put on both Android or Apple we would have the ideal solution. Tablets make such convenient KDS. For restaurants needing larger since it would be a webapp it can easily be adapted for larger displays.

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To be honest I love the way lightspeed KDS looks and operates. I may try to create something similar.

Here is an interesting option:

They actually have an API we could use to integrate and after they review it they would add SambaPOS as an official integration on their website. The downside is its $20 per month. I really think we should make one in house though.

Also I hate seeing Square and Clover every freakin where. In the US square and Clover are rapidly taking over the independent restaurant scene.

I agree this is the best option. I always get people asking about KDS then when they hear the cost (that they need a Windows tablet or a screen + mini PC) they don’t want it. Having something that runs in the browser means the device is less important.

Yes, and having keyboard support to clear off items so you can use a bump bar with a large screen instead of a touch screen is important.

As for layout, although all the task based ones on the forum are Order based, most of my clients ask the KDS to be Ticket based, so each item is for a whole Ticket. I think both options are needed though because there are different use cases. I also had some interest in the grouped version Emre showed a while ago, but most specifically to be able to have a summary - so part of the screen shows all the tickets with items, then there is a summary that shows in total you need to prepare 3x Burgers, 5x Fries, etc. that gets updated when the tickets/orders are marked done.


I’ve been using kitchen screens from this tutorial with plenty of edits.

Has been working well for almost 4 years, when it gets very busy it is a god-send as paper tickets get lost easily. Side-note, we print kitchen tickets as well but that goes with the food to the hot pass.

If one system is not working we have a second PC that only handles waiters screen (hotpass) and printing, so always a backup (I even wired them differently from switch to server switch so if Ethernet cable gets damaged there is also a backup)

In the tutorial there was a screen for waiters to say that food was delivered to the table after kitchen used send bump button, but this was just a hindrance to the flow. We actually don’t let the kitchen use the completed button but reply on the waiter to push the order completed button to take it off the screen.

This is also handy for cost, so only the waiters need a touch screen at the hot pass and complete tickets as they take the food. The kitchen can have cheaper 17 inch monitors instead. I use VGA splitters so one PC can power two screens in a kitchen.

We have linked two businesses which are 70m apart using a central server with a total of 6 kitchen screens (Main meals, Dessert, Pizza, Sandwich, Special Drinks, Barista) and 4 Waiters tills and 1 Waiters Kitchen screen, this last one is the best one of all, you never have to ask the kitchen if they got your order or where it is in relation to other tickets, instant double check you have all items on ticket and of course the timer that changes color depending on how long it has been is amazing.

My go to screen in the office is the MAIN orders screen as it shows all the ticket lists for all kitchen screens on one page, making it easy to find out where I need to be or help out.

MAIN ORDERS screen with each column representing 5 departments


I use a kitchen screen at one of my stores. It is essentially the one that was available in the forums. It works pretty well.

In the past with the POS systems we had we used a ConnectSmart software from

Another solution I saw that was interesting was EPSON as a printer that has a kitchen screen connected.

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Hello stephan,

I came across your MAIN ORDERS screen and I was wondering how did you manage to get the orders in this view.
In the task editor, there is no property to change the view of the tasks, they are always going in horizontal order until the column count is reached and then jumps to the next line and so on.

What I’m trying to do is having the orders added vertically, then when the column is full, jumps to the next column, is this possible?

If you are refering to my last picture, the MAIN ORDERS then those columns are 5 different departments in one screen.

So column one is KITCHEN

they are not one column unfortunately