[New 4.1.22] Filtering Order Tags by Prefix

If you have a lot of order tags that begins with common words such as No, Add, Less, you can use Order Tag Prefixes feature for creating simpler screens. You can read more about it here [New 4.1.18] Order Tag Prefixes.

As 4.1.22 release it will be possible to filter tag buttons by prefixes. By using this feature you can create even simpler screens.

I’ve configured these prefixes for my order tag group.

I want to display beverage related tag buttons only if I select Beverages Prefix. I’ll use Filter column to map Order Tags to prefixes.

:bulb: Hint: If you can’t see Filter Column, scroll to the end of the grid. I moved filter column next to Product Column for this screen shot.

What values Filter accepts?

  • Leaving Empty: Tag button will always display.
  • ** *: ** Star character means this button will display if a prefix selected.
  • !: Exclamation mark means this button will display only if no prefix selected.
  • Prefix: Typing a prefix means this button will display when that prefix selected.
  • Prefix List: You can also type comma separated multiple prefixes. In this case button will appear if one of these prefixes selected.


When I display Order Tag selection screen no order tag buttons appears.

As I click Beverages prefix, Tags filtered as Beverages will appear.


Wow @emre that’s great.
Eagerly awaiting for the release

If I understand correctly, we would be able to add products as tags to a tag order, so we can set up combos?



This is just about tagging

Sorry, did not understand your answer. In your screens you added products, or am i wrong?

Thanks, and sorry if I missunderstud…


This is just a sample :slight_smile: I juts wanted to demonstrate how prefix filtering feature works. Sorry if it looks like something different but it does not mean you can “add products as tags”. However I think that can be done with rules.

Very cool idea @emre :smiley:

possible to link tagging to selected material in inventory for inventory tracking?

From my stay in china, i remember this little jem

Anything is possible, everything is difficult.


Seems already implemented… checkout this thread >> Product Sell with Option (Order Tags) -- Inventory tracking

yea i finally know how it works. Love this feature so much =D it make things so flexible