Same product ungrouping when adding to ticket

hello samba community!
i’m having the following issue:
when i add multiple quantities of the same product to the ticket, they ungroup on the ticket screen.

This is only happening with this particular product. Any ideas?

Thank you guys, and sorry for my bad english.

If adding products by button rather than multiple numberpad qty or Chang qty buttons seperate lines is notmal behaviour.
If these are added dying the same ‘session’ and there are no order tags etc they should merge on ticket close however looking at your screenshot there are different states?
Can you elaborate why one has a printed and the other a printing state?

They are being added on same ‘session’, i simple click the product multiple times.
One thing that i changed recently on samba was the configuration kitchen display following this tutorial:

It doesn’t look that way. It looks like you clicked “Rodizio(s)”, then closed the Ticket, then it looks like you clicked “4” then “Rodizio(s)”.

But nevermind that for now… is your Kitchen display working properly? The State “FPRINTING” should never be seen at all because it is an “intermediary” State for the KD. You should only ever see “FNOTPRINTED” and “FPRINTED”. So, your KD Automation is messed up and you should fix that first.