Set up basic Database for Take-away/Dine-in/delivery restaurant for $


Firstly would like to say that this software is great, has great potential and am confident can fulfil all requirements for my business. Only problem is that I am having a hard time setting it up to suit my needs. After about a week of mucking around with it I feel like I still have not progressed anywhere.
Wondering if anyone here is willing to help me set up a fairly simple setup with modifiers/tags, for a Dine-in plus take-away /delivery restaurant for a fee (name your price).
If interested I can send copies of Dine-in menu, and take-away menu and outline actual requirements upon request.

Will still continue to work on it, but am quite sure that a senior would be able to finish the task in 1/10th of the time it will take me.

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@Sandyman, You can try attached SDF file. this is based custom package delivery system with restaurant and Delivery department . All you need to do is add your menu and customization etc…

I have tested attached SDF file in latest version 4.1.32.
SambaPOS4_delivery (158.3 KB)

To test the attached SDF file.

Rename your current SDF file to say SambaPOS4_old then extract attached zip file and place the SDF file (SambaPOS4) into the folder.

I would recommend you do it your self that way you will have sufficient knowledge and control

I hope this helps!!!

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Thanks @morshed1, I suppose you are right, it is better if I do it myself so I can learn the software for future changes etc to database.
You will most likely be seeing a lot more of me now on the forums with little questions.