Setup Courses - different serving areas on same order.. with entity screens

@emre @JohnS
I have a number of products with 0.00 cost portions. If I add 1 of these items to a ticket on there own, then close the ticket to submit the order the ticket isn’t being created.

If I add a product with a cost eg.5.95 and then a product with a 0.00 cost portion the ticket is created and both items are submitted and show on the ticket.

I have ‘Allow Zero Priced Orders’ selected in my ticket settings

Any help would be great (Running 4.1.36 )

Thanks as ever


If all items on the ticket are at zero cost, then SambaPOS closes the ticket as complete because technically you aren’t selling anything.
You are better off gifting the items if you need them submitted.

@JohnS fair enough - I thought that enabling the ‘Allow Zero Priced Orders’ would allow this. We will have to ‘Gift’ thanks John

Allowing zero priced orders just let’s you close a ticket with items that have a zero price.

If you tell us why you need to use 0 priced products maybe we can find an alternative solution.

@emre HI Emre,

we have a product that is a meal at a set price - the customer can then choose an item from 3 defined categories on our menu. The way I have set this up so far is :-

Select ‘Meal’ Product which is priced at 12.50
then select product 1 which I have added a portion with a price of 0.00
then click ‘add ticket’ so that this submits to the bar
then select product 2 which I have added a portion with a price of 0.00
then click ‘add ticket’ so this creates a ticket to go to the Kitchen (however as this is zero the ticket doesn’t create)
then select product 3 which I have added a portion with a price of 0.00 when closing this create a ticket to a different area of the bar.

I have added the ‘zero’ priced portion as the same product can be purchased at full price individually.

I have been using ‘add ticket’ so that I can have separate ‘ticket listers’ that allow me to click ‘order ready’ on separate items without removing the order form all ticket listers (if that makes sense)

Many Thanks for your help

@emre - Hi Emre did you have time to look at this yet ?

I’m not sure how I should be doing this.



It seems you are not using printer mapping to product category feature. What is the reason for not using it?

Hi @emre
because I am having to learn - I am not aware of all of the features that are available and what the best method is for certain setups. I try searching for topics to help but often fail to find topics to help.

The different areas that I have eg. Kitchen , Bar , Counter don’t have printers just screens with ‘Ticket Listers’ I will play with print jobs and mappings to see if I can set this up in that way.

If an order contains different product groups - using print mappings if I mark for example the ‘bar’ items as ready - will this then clear the order from the other areas too ?



No print mappings does not help kitchen display configuration. I thought submits the bar means bar printer but now I realized you have a screen there.

As I can remember you already have configured ticket listers to display certain product groups. So why you still need to split them to separate tickets?

if I create an order on the same ticket with items for bar, kitchen and counter - when either of the departments marks items as ‘ready’ clears the order completely from all ticket listers. If I ‘add ticket’ for each department then this doesn’t clear the whole order. Then when the customer requests the bill we merge the tickets.

Is there another way that I should be doing this so that when 1 department clicks order ready this doesn’t clear the order for all departments?

I have been trying to get this to work for a long time without success - only by using ‘add ticket’ can I get this to work so any help would be great. thanks Emre

OK I’ll try to demonstrate a solution shortly.

Brilliant! Thank you @emre

Hello @windinghouse. Can you check attached sdf file to let me know if such solution will solve your issue? Since I’m not familiar with your exact workflow I did it from what I’ve understood from your posts. I’ve included three screens for kitchen, bar and waiter. You can map them to specific departments, user accounts or even terminals to display appropriate screens to users. (132.2 KB)

@emre I am using sql express - can I import the sdf file using ‘database tools’

No don’t touch your production data. I sent it just to get your idea. Copy this sdf to a test computer under [My Documents]\SambaPOS4 and type the file name to connection string.

Please don’t forget to save your current connection string somewhere to be able to restore your connection.


@emre as we are not live yet I am still working on production - however would it be possible to have the kdisplay as .txt so that I can import ( I am happy to backing up and restoring my prod data back once ive looked at your sample) I don’t have any spare machines at the moment to test with so .txt would be great - sorry to mess you about

@emre I managed to set this up - and it is perfect, just what I need! Brilliant.

I just need to figure out how it is working and then implement it into my setup :smile:

You are a genius! thank you for showing me the possibilities!

I hope I can work it out

@emre I need a little more help, whne you have time.

As stated above this is perfect for what I need. I have tried exporting the ‘automation commands’ ‘Rules’ ‘actions’ ‘states’ and ‘entity screens’ and importing into my setup

made changes to the ‘Update Kitchen Order Display State Rule’ so it includes the groups I wish to display. and the same for bar.

All this works fine - when I add products to an order they show as New, kitchen or New, Bar and they show in the correct entity screens. However when I click on ‘Kitchen Order Ready’ or ‘Bar Order Ready’ nothing happens.

I know I must be missing something simple - but I have been looking for hours and still cant fix this!!!

I have also tried to find a way to export my products so that I can import them into the test system to then create a new production system … but I can’t fine a way to do this other than from SQL Server Management - and I am not very knowledgeable with SQL

If there is an easy way to import the kdisplay into my current system that would be fantastic.

Many Thanks for your time as ever!


@windinghouse I’ll release a step by step implementation shortly.

I know running a restaurant business is hard and people needs quick solutions to solve issues. However this is a very basic implementation and as you run it you’ll want changes to automate things better. I believe understanding these SambaPOS features will give you enough powers to apply your awesome ideas to your business so even it takes hours to prepare such tutorials I’ll prefer doing that.

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