Changing Table Button Captions

Try this.

{REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.Garson:(TEN.Masalar=$1)} 

Yes posting publicly is the right thing to do.

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I had tried this version too. And i tried it again now and its like this

Well you confused me… It is


You want open ticket waiter for the table ? So it should be…

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:TT.Garson:(TEN.Masalar=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}

If you compare it with tag that displays the remaining amount…

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1) and T.RemainingAmount>0}

The difference is you changed T.RemainingAmount with TT.Garson…


Wow :smiley:

Now it worked. But why we need to define ">0" To bring just ticket tag?
Cuz, when we do the same without >0 at the TEN.Masalar tag it shows something in every situation.
As u see here ;
with just this code; {REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1)}TL it shows something

I guess its about the state. It is New Order State and it is only available when a ticket has an order. Which makes the table color yellow. When it is <0 there cant be any ticket tag selected. Thats why we could not get them with just {REPORT TICKET TAGS:TT.Garson:(TEN.Masalar=$1)}
Am i right ?

You’re using Custom Report Tags there. You can test them by creating a new report so you may get better idea about how these works.

T.RemainingAmount > 0 is an expression (filter). We want tickets that have remaining amount (in other words unpaid, or open tickets). Without that expression that will return result for all tickets.

In fact we use 2 expressions there to filter open tickets for that table name.

{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.RemainingAmount: (TEN.Masalar=$1)}

As explained that returns comma separated remaining amounts for all tickets that created for Masa6. If you add RemainingAmount > 0 filter that will display amounts only for open tickets.


Is there a way to display time of last food order in kitchen with captions?

I’m using this kitchen setup and I see it uses Task Types:

It would be great to see how long the table has been waiting for their food straight in the Table screen!

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You can put {TIME} expression to display time order was taken. This would give you an idea of what time the table order was last taken. If you want how many minutes lapsed, then that tutorial or a forum search for kitchen timer display or something like that will give results that could help show you how much time has past since order was taken per table

Which Table Screen are you talking about?

His most likely talking about either the default tables entity screen or an entity screen with table buttons on it

In the POS screen looking at your table layout, i.e an entity screen

My captions are for each entity button = in line 1 : waiter name line 2 Customer Name line 3 : “Time since last food order”

I’m using QMcKay’s kitchen screens setup so it would use Task Type : FoodDisplayTask i guess?

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I think you can store ticket ID (or table name) in Tasks as custom data and query them by using Task Custom Report Tags.

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how can i use “LAST ORDER MINUTES” on table button? and i want to change button colour to blue when last order munites be 45 minutes. can you help me?

You would probably use a ternary expression (like an if)
If order minutes < 45 ? panel colour one : panel colour two

First, i want to see last order time on button. How can i?

For that probably can just use the status state updated time as adding a new order will update state. There will be example for that on the forum im sure. Take a look at the original example of the entity state formatting.

See the first part of this topic.


There is a problem. did you try it once? the button looking like this(3 min) and i create a new order. time did not change. it is same 3 min.

Did you wait atleast 1 minute?

Yes i wait. When i click write account, button turn red. And time reset. But i create an order, button still yellow and time is not reset.

So show your setup. So we can see