City Ledger following Customer Credit Account concept

Im implementing City Ledger on my SambaPOS.
I basically followed the same idea as customer accounts, but with the new name for convenience.

I was able to create the customer accounts using the Edit Customer View.
However, on my payment screen the City Ledger button is always Grey.

My previous attempt didnt have the button Grey and was able to use it. But when i checked the customer Account there were no entries. So obviously i done something wrong. Im trying to find a step-by step guide on Customer Credit setup but havent found anything yet. The video on this page is exactly what i need to implement…

Where do i find a step-by-step guide for dummies to get this working ?

Here are screenshots of what i have done:

Ok. Changing the Rule in the Account type from Credit to Debit makes the account show the transactions now.

However, i dont seem to have Cash/Credit Card buttons for settling the pending balance.

The video Screenshot:

And here is a screenshot of my account screen:

I also notice that my ledger payment is also available for customers without accounts.
Where did i go wrong ?

You need to create Account Document Types to define transaction buttons for that account type.

I defined Account Document Type for my ledger, how do i make the transaction buttons?
Also Defined a Transaction type for the job, but at this point im not sure im understanding whats happening behind the scenes.

Any documentation on how the video was setup?
Your sample video is just perfect. Exactly what i need… But i dont know if its screwed up because i created a different Account Type. I dont mind using the Customer Account too… its just nomenclature. We need these ledger/credit accounts only for the outsourcing services that market and deliver our product.

These may give an idea.


Thanks Emre!

All good now! i had chosen the wrong Transaction type for the Document.
Works perfectly, was also able to add the information to the reports without much trouble.