Expenses and Payouts Method K: Supplier & Utility Payouts

This tutorial will show how to handle Supplier and Utility Payouts. This is continuation of my previous Method K tutorials.

DISCLAIMER: This is setup to use the Bank Account as the primary source it is not setup for paying out of Drawer. See Expenses and Payouts Method K: Bank Deposits for explanation of the Bank Account setup.

Overview of the process flow:

Create the Account Type:

Create the Accounts:

Create the Account Screens:

Supplier Account Screen Setup:

Utilities Account Screen Setup:

Create the Transaction Types:

Supplier Transaction Type:

Utilities Transaction Type:

Create the Document Types:

Supplier Document Type:

Utilities Document Type:

Don’t Forget to Choose Batch Create for each Document Type:

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Here is an example when you press the Pay Suppliers button.

Before Transaction:

After Transaction:

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