Expenses and Payouts - Method K:Bank Deposits

Here is a quick tutorial continuation for a method of accounting.

This method works best to track money taken from the cash drawer nightly to be deposited to the bank. The picture below shows a deposit of 100% of the drawer you can however leave money in the drawer and it will show in the cash Balance.

Can also setup Credit account to deposit as well however I would advise doing the deposit only after you know how much the credit processor actually deposited. I will explain in a later tutorial how to make it calculate the service fees.

A basic look at the flow of how it works:

Before Transaction:

After Transaction:

Bank Deposit Account Screen View:

Create Account Type:

Create the Accounts:

Create the Account Screens:

Create the Transaction Types:

Optional Credit Type if you want to track it as well:

Create the Document Types:

Batch Create Screen:

To show how it interacts with expenses here is a quick look at a Supplier Payout Transaction:

If using multiple Bank Accounts assuming you Mapped each one to the Batch Create screen as mentioned above:

To select other accounts:



question sir… what is WK? at the date description…

exp: July/2014:WK-31

Week… Check Description Template setting of Bank Deposit document type to understand how it formatted.

Hi EMere, @Wisefix
Here in kenya we use Mpesa as a form of payment.I have been able to incorporate the Mpesa payment method beneath the cash button and am also able to see the amount paid via Mpesa and cash in the reports.
I would like assistance on a situation whereby the user is prompted to input the Mpesa transaction code and this code to appear in receipt…I have tried to follow or discount tutorial on discount reason but I son know where an failing to synchronise the flow of the rules…kindly assist.

@samuelwanjiru you need to practise a lot it Seems: I have implemented Mpesa the same way the tutorial for visa card and master card were set up

I may be outdated, but did you just turn Sambapos into an accounting software?! frikken awesome!

A very simplified one but yes. You could take it further and automate it even more.

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