Enter Begin Cash and Reconcile Cash Drawer

Every morning and the end of day I have to count money using excel sheet that I made it look like this

If SambaPOS have some thing like this that will be easy :smile:

I agree with you, this would add extra milestone :smile:

i have been working on that very setup :slight_smile:

so at the end of the day i can cash up, enter all my figures on this screen which also updates custom reports i have made (gotta say thanks to @Jesse and @QMcKay who without there great help i couldnt have done this)

Ive still got tweaks to do but you can see the idea


New work period, no sales so all the Expected columns are zero, on a live shift those expected columns would update with the figures you have taken for each at any point during the shift

Enter the number of coins/notes and the totals are displayed
Enter what you actually have in cash, card, vouchers, petty cash etc and it will tell you any differences
Reports update at the same time and when closing the work period the Z report automatically prints with all the days details (ive still got lots of playing around to do with the reports yet

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Sample Daily Takings Report based on data entered in above screenshot

Sample X Read based on data entered in above screenshot (this shows current sales/cash that should be in till, mine shows zero as its no sales have happened as still testing) so this can be printed any point throughout the day to see a “screenshot” of the days takings

Sample Cash Count to see number of each denomination entered

When starting a new work period it automatically asks what your float value is (you opening/starting cash drawer balance)

Click button to open new work period

Click yes to confirm

Enter opening float/cash drawer balance

See the Cash In Till (CIT) expected balance increase to 50.00 to show a real time cash value in the drawer

Reports also update to reflect balance

Some of the functions on the cash up screen will only be available with V5


Hi Rick,

Is there anything we can use in the mean time for Daily Auditing/Reconciling purposes?


Hi Ray

Theres nothing built in other than using the account screens. When v5 is released ill post the setup of my cashup screen so you can adapt it to your needs


i need this ,very sweet cant wait