How to create Emre's kitchen display


Hello, I see @emre showed us a fantastic kitchen display in and I really want to archive a similar one.


Emre also talked about releasing a tutorial but I tried a whole day digging the forum up without any clue. Please, I need your guidances to build this specific kitchen display. Thank you!


He did a tutorial but not for that display he demonstrated how you can build your own.


Thanks for an additional information kendash, looking at suggestion topics below I found there were 2 related threads:

Although, @markjw talked about a customer of his found it wasn’t really practical:

I believe it’s not only me but many others still feel so desirable everytime looking at that very sleek and simple Emre’s kitchen display bring.


It can be done by using Task Printer + Grouping features of the Task Editor Widget. Here I prepared a sample kitchen display. You can see how it configured and adjust it for your needs. It creates a task per order line and groups them on kitchen display by product and table.

I didn’t prefixed configurations so please test it on default setup first. (2.4 KB)

After importing configuration add Execute Task Print Job action to the top of the Ticket Closing actions.


Thanks so much @emre, this means a lot to me! I can’t wait to try it out and report back.


Is there any way you can think possible in a reliable perspective to accomplish this: i have a order tag group with various order tags… I want to set the color for all the order tags with “No …” to be red in the KDS.

My first guess was to see what Q did a while back in his KDS but his was color defined based on whole order tag groups not color defined for single order tags within a group.

My next guess was to store the color html tag in header and use {ORDER TAG LABEL} in the template but that wasn’t showing anything and it was also modifying header in GUI buttons.

Finally I thought what if I had a script to check if order tag contains “NO “ and to output it with html cost color tags. I feel that this would be easy to do but probably not good practice to run a script for every order tag?


Did you tried using formatting tags (HTML tags) in printer template? I think you can use [=X] template expressions to determine color. Let me know if you need more help.


I will look at it tonight and let you know. Thanks for the prompt response. I think this is going to be huge for my clients.