Kitchen/Bar Display using Task Printer - separate displays for Food and Drink


What do you mean? I don’t understand what you’re asking.

It is designed to show each Order individually. That means you submit 1,2,3,4,5 Orders on a Ticket and it creates a display that shows each of those Order individually on it’s own Task Card. That is the point of a Kitchen Display.

It is not designed to show an entire Ticket, because that is not helpful for a Kitchen Display. If you want to see entire Tickets with all the Orders on the Ticket, you have many options, like Ticket Lister, Ticket Explorer, Open a Ticket, etc.

Using Ticket/Order States to Update Ticket Lister Widget

See when i select 2 items like Pakora and chicken tikka masala from my categories in one ticket its showing in two different blocks. Why its not coming in one block as 1 order.


You don’t understand the point of the KD.

It is designed to show each Order in a different Task Card (block).

A Ticket is not an Order. Orders are the things you add to the Ticket like “Pakora” and “chicken tikka masala” … those are Orders on a Ticket.

The KD is doing exactly what it was designed to do… display Orders individually, not Tickets.


So how can we bring these two orders or how many items customer order in one ticket?


Q told you what you can use, if you dont want the orders on a ticket separating then do not use this KD tutorial


Wait, doesn’t we have task printer Group By feature? I believe I saw emre post it.


Ok I understand …


Could u please tell me how to add a department name in a ticket like it’s a take away or dine in ticket. How to classify these two tickets?
Sorry about my English and I frustrated u…

Thanks alot


Heres a quicker way without using departments that Q has documented


No I want take away and dine in in seperate departments because in dine i have to apply taxes and take away is tax free.


Use the Forum Search function and start a new Topic for your questions.


You can still do that as one department using the ticket tag method and using different price definitions

So when the ticket tag is Dine In the dine in price lists are used and when To Go is selected then the to go price list is used istead

There are different ways to do what you want, i suggest searching the forum to see what else has already been documented that could help you


Hello @QMcKay
I’ve already done this setup a couple of times and almost ever it worked, but not now…
I have a problem with the order states when i make an order with 1 product all its working fine, but when i make an order with more of 1 from one product then the state is not updating from “FPrinting” to “FPrinted”…
And i have checked the rules and actions but not found an error…

but in the Kitchen Display it looks right …


I’am using now the beverages setup for food and that works…


I just came across this tutorial and downloaded the zip file to test. I imported the file into SQL, opened Sambapos to change the database connection and then opened the program. The Kitchen Display entity screen is there and all the rules, actions, printers, etc. are included per the tutorial but nothing happens when I close a ticket. By the way I also prefaced all the food items with Food. Any suggestions from anyone?


What ZIP file? Where did you get it?

This one?

That ^ file is a DB Tools import file containing specific configuration elements. It is not an entire Database. There is no need to modify your connection string when you use a DB Tools file. See here to learn what to do with DB Tools files.

We cannot help without screenshots of your setup.



The zip downloads as It unzips to a .bak file that I imported into SQLExpress 2014. It has all the setup for the Kitchen Display from the tutorial at the beginning of this feed.


I compared the downloaded file to the tutorial and everything looks good.


That is not mine. Yes, a BAK file is a full Database, but I have no idea what is in that file, and cannot offer support for it.