Support - Have no answer at all - Problem with reseller

Im writing this lines cause i dont know what else i can do.

I asked for some modifications to my SambaPos around september of last year.

They told me to reach Ronald, from Chile. I talked to him and defined the mods i need in the system.

I paid him for the modifications and i never received them.

He answers me and then he dissapears again.

Then i talked with tayfun, and he told me he will make this mods. He asked me to send the database, so i did it, and once again, now, im not having any kind of answer. (last mail from him was on january 23)

I also told him that i need 2 more licenses and im not going to buy to the reseller in chile.
(now i need 3 licenses and possible a four one)

I love the software and i always have excellent support here in the forum. Ironically, when i decided to pay for support the problems started.

I still need the mods, and i also need the licenses.

I also want to see if the android app fits my needs and of course Samba Neptune, (when be ready).

Im kind of dissapointed at this moment, but i think we can change that with right support.

Best regards, and hope someone of the team answer me this time.



Sounds like you have had a bad experience.

I know you have paid you local reseller to do the modifications but have you posted on the forum what your trying to get done? It may be something one of us can just give you a link to a tutorial or explain how to do it yourself…

Regards licences I can help you on that front, I have facility on my Samba store site to purchase licences only -

V5 licences require a separate account/email address per licence. Resellers can only allocate licences to accounts they create, transfers between re-sellers are possible but takes a few days as has to be done by Samba.
Android app licence needs to go on the same account as the main v5 licence.
The app currently only has a trial mode for a sample database, to run with production system would require a licence.


Please share with us what modifications you need. We can help you with it. PS I am a reseller in the USA and can help with licenses if need be but JTR has a nice Web Store to buy them through.

Jtr, Kendash,
Thanks for your answer.
You helped me in the past. Also QMcKay did it a lot! when i said i have excellent support in the forum i was talking about you three.
I make a lot of improvements with you, but i dont have the time to make them now, thats why i decided to pay for them, but clearly something went wrong.

This is a quote for the last mail i send tayfun with the list of things.

I m sending you the list as your request.

Delivery system (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Kitchen Ticket (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Delivery Ticket (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Payment Ticket (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Ticket Screen (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Several Reports (Birthdays, sells, customers which dont buy for X Days, Buying history for customer)
At the moment that i select the customer, i want to see the last purchase of the customer.
Also send some reports for mail at the end of the working period.

Online count while making the order to see how much of a item category is buying. (For example, 4 different kinds of burgers and if he wants one more i add it, and in the totalizer, should appear that) I can send you images explaining this.

Different ways of payment. (I did this, i just want to keep it)

Kitchen Display as it is on the Forum.

Migrate Data from one SambaPos to this new version. (i have the customers set in a different way so the data must be reorganized)

For a Second stage. I need to integrate with my Fiscal Printer.

I think im not forgetting anything. This things (except for the last one, i need it asap)

Thanks againg!

JTR great news about the licenses. If i understand i have to make different emails.
can i have the licenses in one mail?
Cause in the future i will use Neptune. (today i have two Restaurants and one more will open soon)

Don’t have details on Neptune so cannot comment.
Curently you can only have one v5 samba licence per account/email so you would need to have a site specific samba account/email for each licence.
I would imagine as this is a fundamental restriction on samba licences that Neptune would allow for reporting from multiple sites with licences in different accounts. If not they will need to do some major restructuring to there licence system…

ok, so i guess i could create different mails. Thats not a problem.
Can you help me with the list?
How much will it cost?
(if you need further explain i can answer you any doubts you may have)
Thanks again.

The list? Sorry what do you mean?
I sell V5 licences for 99GBP, you can buy via my site which asks for the licence email address for each licence.
You could buy multiple licences on single account on my site using a single PayPal account but the email on each licence needs to be different and I will create a samba account per licence.

yes thats great.
With the list, i mean all the modifications i have to make to the samba. (the ones i quoted before that i sent to tayfun)

So you want;
Few reports
Quick way to see customers last purchase
Email ‘some’ reports
Updates to customer display
Kitchen display (like forum is a bit vague, there are several different tutorials and examples)
Fiscal printer

You would be better to start topics for each subject, I’d limit to a couple at a time so as not to overwhelm the forum or yourself.

Fiscal printer support may be reduced on forum since not sure of any/many regulars with one but make sure you list specs/model and least a link to the documentation if not sample pasted in forum.

You could create forwards for each email so it forwards to one single email.

JTR thats right.
But i prefeer to pay someone to do it all cause i dont have time to do it. Thats why i talked to a reseller in a first place.
Could you do it? Of course i can be more specific, so you can make a quotation.

Kendash Sure, i will do that, thanks for the tip.


What do you mean by “I did this I just want to keep it”?

What version of Sambapos do you want to upgrade from?

For fiscal printer integration we need more info on how it works specifically how it can get data.

I don’t know what a totalizer is. I am not sure what you are wanting here.

At the moment that i select the customer, i want to see the last purchase of the customer

Be more specific. Do you want a popup or something else? Do you mean select customer to add to a ticket?

In image 1, i add 4 empanadas, next i want to add another one with the + button. when i do this the total amount of empanadas doesn´t change. You can see this in the image below


OK so what does that ticket tag do and why have it?

Sorry Kendash.
That is because is already working. I did that, and its working, cause in one moment they asked me to tell them all the things i need to have. (And i just copy and paste the message)
You dont have to do anything with that.

Both of them are V5. The problem is that the primary field is different. (In one store i have the name as primary field and this was wrong)
In the newest store im using the Phone number as primary field. (this is correct because the phone number cant be the same fot different customers)
Once we finish with the mods, i will install the same version in both stores but i need to export Customers data for the oldest store and import in the right format on the new samba installation.

Fiscal integration will be in a second stage after doing all this things. (its an epson, i will tell you later the model)

For example, they called me… i put his telephone number to search him, and when i select the customer i can see im some way the last purchase. (maybe in the window where i select the items for the order) So i can tell him if he would like to have the same and with one click i charge the same order)

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Thats what i need QMcKay!

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